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Past regrets
B1 level


In this lesson the Ss will talk about their regrets of the past.They will be prepared to think about their own ideas of what they regret about the past and explain why they regret about something and what would have happened if they had not done that.


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Main Aims

  • To set a context to practice speaking about regrets of the past

Subsidiary Aims

  • functional language related to past regrets


Lead in (1-2 minutes) • To activate Ss exciting knowledge of the topic

The T asks the Ss whether they enjoyed the previous session and wants the Ss to give them some examples of what they've learnt

preparing to speak (8-10 minutes) • To Provide an opportunity to prepare for the task

The T T gives a reading to the Ss to read individually and answer the related questions in pairs: Who do you feel most sorry for? Who do you think acted most foolishly? The Ss share their ideas with the class The T gives the Ss time to talk about (writes the question on the board) "what would have happened if she/he had not done that?" in groups and then share with the WC

Useful language (4-6 minutes) • To provide the learners with a language which they may use for competing the task

The T will elicit "If only", "How I wish ", "I should have" Then the T will clarify the MFP of the TL and ask CCQs The T will drill the TL with the Ss

Speaking task (14-15 minutes) • for learners to practice their oral fluency in relation to speaking bout past regrets

The T will divide the Ss into groups A and B T gives instructions to the Ss , group B asks group A "What have you done that you feel most sorry abou?" Then after the answer group B again asks "what would have happenned if you had not done that?" and group A will answer. The T will model the task for the Ss. T monitors the Ss and writes down their mistakes.

Speaking task (4-6 minutes) • For learners to practice their oralfluency

The T will give the Ss a questionnaire and ask the Ss to fill it in with their classmates' answers. The Tmonitors and writes their errors

Feedback/error correction on oral task (5-6 minutes) • To provide language feedback on results of he task

The T will write the Ss' errors on the board and asks them to correct by themselves

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