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Listening - Catch a cold
Pre-intermediate, A2 level


In this lesson, students improve their listening skills based on a recording about the cures for cold. The lesson starts with a discussion about a man who has been caught with a cold. Before listening the recording, the teacher preteaches some vocabulary with pictures. Students listen to the recording twice - one is for a gist task (listing the pictures in the order that they hear) and the other is for a detailed task (choosing one verb and taking notes on the advice they hear with that verb). The lesson finishes with a speaking activity (What do they do when they are cold?).


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed listening practice using a text about catching a cold in the context of cures for cold

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and practice of foods, medicine and related verbs in the context of an illness - cold


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Stick a picture of a man having caught a cold on the board and ask questions about him. What is the problem of this man? What is the name of his illness? What is he doing? What do you see on the table? Does he take only medicine for cold? What else is he doing? Students should come to the idea that there is not single cure for cold.

Pre-Listening (10-12 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible

Pre-teach vocabulary. With PP, show students some pictures. Try to elicit the words. Sometimes go back and ask if Ss remember the words. Close the PP and ask which words they remember. Write them on the board when Ss say. Model and drill them.

While-Listening #1 (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging gist and specific information listening tasks

Students listen to the different people answering the same question. They`ll list the pictures on their worksheets in the order that they hear. When they finish, they work in pairs and check the answers. Give feedback as WC.

While-Listening #2 (14-16 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed, deduction and inference listening tasks

This time, Ss will listen to the recording for more challenging task. They`ll choose one of the words in the box and make notes on the advice they hear with that verb. For feedback, Ss find a partner who chooses the same verb and compare their notes. Then they see the audioscript on WB to chech their notes.

Post-Listening (8-10 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

Students will have a discussion. They will work in groups of 3 or 4. They`ll talk about what they are doing when they have a cold and give other advices to each other. For feedback, some students talk about the topic and give advices to the whole class.

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