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Teaching practice 6
B1 level


In this lesson the SS will practice listening for specific detail and listening for detail in the context of unsatisfied costumers, their complaints and experience. They will then produce a semi-controlled and a freer productive speaking skill task; the first will be using reported speech for past family member's complaints and the second will be a role play between a costumer complaining and a shop assistant/ restaurant manager dealing with the complaint.


Main Aims

  • To provide a listening for specific detail and detailed listening practice from a text including the use of reported speech in the context of costumer complaints and their experience.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To produce a semi-controlled speaking excercise using reported speech about a past complaint and a freer role play speaking excercise.


Stage 1 (Lead in) (4-5 minutes) • To get SS guessing about the what the 3 people in the listening text are complaining about.

T Will put a picture of 3 upset people in three different locations to elicit the reason why they are complaining. Questions T will ask: How do you think these 3 people are feeling? What do you think is going on in all 3 situations? T will make them discuss in PW for following question. What do you think the person in picture A is complaining about? ( Then continue with B and C)

Stage 2 (clarifying word blockers) (4-5 minutes) • The SS will deduce the meaning of the words by first guessing and then seeing it in context to clarify their answers.

T will give a HO folded in 2. One side has the words and the definitions to match. After matching, T will tell SS to unfold the HO and read the sentences with the word blockers; they will be taken from the listening text and role play instructions. SS will correct their first deduction if it was incorrect. T will put answer key on WB. CCQs: When are your teachers off this week? What is the fare from Taksim to Levent? How much do they charge for a tea at Mado? T will take two different markers and ask if they are identical. No. Why? (Because they are different). I'm your teacher for 2 weeks, it's ________(temporary)

Stage 3 (listening for specific detail) (5-6 minutes) • SS will practice listening for specific detail to produce the answer to a question.

T will explain HO, tell where SS to write. The HO will be folded in 2 to have them only look at the first question and space to answer. T will tell SS to listen for only one information; What did A, what did B and what did C complain about? ICQ's how many complaints are you listening for? (3) SS will get FB after listening for detail as to let those who could not answer a second chance and to save time; only one FB.

Stage 4 ( Listening for detail) (8-10 minutes) • SS will listen for detail to be able to answer questions and provide explanation.

T Will tell SS to unfold the HO, T will tell the to read the 2 questions. ICQs How many answer will you have? (6) T will play audio. T will put the answer key on the board and ask the SS to switch the sheet with the person next to them and correct all the 3 questions. T will then give hard copy to each SS so that they can understand their mistakes id there were any. T will give them a minute or two to go over the text and ask if any help is needed.

Stage 5 ( Semi-controlled procuctive speaking skills) (5-6 minutes) • To have SS use reported speech while recounting a time when a family member or friend complained about something.

SS will work in pairs. T will ask students to tell a story about a time when a family member or friend complained about something. An example sentence using the TL to be practiced (reported speech) will be on the WB. T will ask following CCQs: Who will you talk about? (family or friend) When did the complaint happen? (In the past) What will you use to tell your story? ( He/she said and verb past form). T will monitor and take note of recurring problems and do DEC.

Stage 6 ( Freer productive speaking skill practice) (6-7 minutes) • SS will have to prepare what to say for a role play activity in which their counterpart has prepared something different; they will improvise depending on their partner's answer.

T will give HO with instructions of what to prepare, what to ask and to a certain degree how to act (agree with partner or disagree). Half the class will be letter A, the restaurant owner and the other half B, the customer. SS will have 1-2 to prepare alone. SS will produce the role play. T will monitor and take notes of problems to DEC. T will ask "who won, the customer or the restaurant owner?" If time permits, a second role play activity will be prepared, A will be the customer and B the shop assistance.

Stage 7 (DEC) (4-6 minutes) • To elicit from SS the correct sentences of errors made written on the WB.

T will select errors made by SS during productive skill tasks and write them on the WB. SS will have to correct them. T will clarify if error is not understood.

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