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Holiday Lesson
Intermediate level


In this speaking lesson the Ss are going to use their knowledge about simple future tense in the context of holiday. T and 2 Ss will perform a role play by using the TL. The Ss will be asked to do the same in groups.


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Main Aims

  • To provide accuracy and fluency in speaking with future tenses in the context of holiday.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice for the adjectives that the Ss learned in the previous class in the context of holiday.


Lead in (5-5 minutes) • To introduce the context to the Ss.

-T asks WC "Have you ever been on a vacation by yourself?" "Was it good? Did you enjoy it?" -T tells about her experience. -Elicits "Unreliable" -Drills

Pre-speaking activity (4-5 minutes) • To set the background for the dialog

-T says "What would you do if you were me?" "Would you go to a cafe? Would you stay in the room?" -T elicits "restaurant" -Three people are sitting together on PPP. -T says, "These people do not know each other" -T gets some ideas from WC "How do they look? Happy? Relaxed?" -"Elicits "nervous" and "excited" -uses gestures -drills

Pre-speaking activity (7-9 minutes) • To elicit activities in order to use in the following dialog.

- Ss gives them names, and T helps them create a dialog for the people. -"There is a pool party tomorrow, would you like to come?" (T doesn't use the TL) -Ss pair up and discuss where these people can go. -T shows some visuals of possible activities to pairs. (same order with the PPP) -For each activity, T asks "what do you do when you go... " and writes on WB. -T adds the ides from Ss on WB.

Elicit the TL • To encourage the Ss that they know which tense to use.

-T says: "They are going to do all these tomorrow" "What tense should we use?" "Past? Present?" TL- including adjectives, is on PPP PPP remains open.

Modeling a dialog (5-5 minutes) • To make the following stage easier for the Ss by showing a model.

-T asks for two volunteers. -"Remember, we do not know each other." "What is my name?" -One s plugs his ears and turns his back. -T and the other s asks each other's names. -T says "I have a plan for tomorrow. I am going to go to a pub tomorrow. Do you want to join me?" No. "Come on, I will pay the check." -T makes sure, the S uses TL at least for once. -The other s opens his ears. -T says, "Hey! Do you know what we are doing tomorrow?" -T directs the dialog with questions

Elicit unknown vocab (3-4 minutes) • To let the student understand their role cards better.

Wonder around - gestures. CCQ: Am I trying to go to a specific place? Am I just walking? Am I walking fast or slow? Coast -PPP CCQ: Is it the sea? Is it the forest? Drills

Semi controlled practice preparation (10-10 minutes) • To have the Ss understand their roles and to avoid confusing.

-T gives Ss names like "healthy, stylish, reliable" -to remind the adjectives Ss learned -Healthy ones group up, Stylish ones group up and so on. -T handouts roles cards (Members of each group have the same cards. But groups have different cards.) -"By yourself, read the text" ICQ: Alone or in groups? -"Now, answer the questions with your group members" Write answers down ICQ: Group or alone? Discuss or discuss and write? Monitor and FB each group.

Semi controlled practice (10-13 minutes) • To give the Ss an opportunity to practice the TL

T groups up Ss. "3 people" "In each team there has to be one H one S and one R" ICQ: How many people? Two Ss and one H? T opens up the TL on PPP "Remember, you don't know each other." "Tell each other about your plans for tomorrow. Invite each other for some activities." "Use the future tense and adjectives" ICQ: do you know each other? Are you talking about yesterday? Are you using adjectives?" "you have 10 mins" ICQ: how many? 15? Monitor. Feedback on WB

Performance on the WB (5-5 minutes) • To raise the Ss' self-confidence

-Ask for a volunteer group -"Listen up! I will ask questions to WC!" -Group presents -Monitor -FB on WB (ask WC to correct the mistakes)

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