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Persuasion Selection - Parker Drive Garden Co-Op
Intermediate, Grade 5, 2B level


In this lesson, students will review the characteristics of a persuasive text, through guided discovery based on a reading text about the community cooperating to plant edible gardens. The lesson starts reviewing the concepts of the AuthorĀ“s purposes (PIE). Next T reads aloud for Ss so they get acquainted with pronunciation. This is followed by Ss reading for gist for schematic content (topic). Then Ss review the graphic organizer (before reading in detail), so as for them to identify specific features of persuasive writing. Finally, there is some controlled practice through the graphic organizer and free practice in which Ss have to compose a persuasive Poster to invite their classmates to join a Basketball club.


Main Aims

  • Ss will be able to recognize the characteristics of a persuasive text in a selection from the book.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide guidance for Ss to produce a persuasive text (in a poster) using the characteristics seen in the graphic chart.
  • To provide reading for detail practice to id the characteristics of a persuasive text.


Warmer/Lead-in (2-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students (schematic knowledge / content)

Ss brainstorm the lexis they can associate with Persuasion

Pre-Reading (3-5 minutes) • Students read for Gist (semantic knowledge / Formal).

Ss glance at the text, then they put it away, and identify the kind of text (genre) and discuss its features.

While-Reading #1 (4-5 minutes) • To provide students with reading for specific information reading tasks

Ss review the graphic organizer so they know exactly what to look for.

While-Reading/Listening #2 (11-13 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed, deduction and inference reading tasks

To read looking for the Goal (main idea) of the persuasive text. To read looking for three different reasons that support the persuasive argument.

Post-Reading (12-14 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

Using the graphic organizer as a guide, Ss will write a persuasive poster for their pears inviting them to start a basketball club.

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