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Teaching Practice 2
Elementary level


In this lesson, I am going to start first with encouraging SS to mention about some beautiful family pictures on Family Tree as well as my PP presentation. I will just ask very simple questions in the beginning like 'Who is s/he?' to elicit words like 'family' and 'Esengül's family', 'Esengül's mother'. During that time, I will illustrate possessive 's and apostrophe 's, Then, on following other steps, I will also illustrate 'has' 's with more examples from students and work book. My aim is to activate SS in the lesson as much as possible and make them seperate different 's (is, possessive and has)


Abc Defining 's (is,has,possessive)
Abc 9c activity in face2face Elementary Book
Abc Template for family question
Abc Robinsons family tree
Abc Tick the correct sentences
Abc Complete the rule and Match the different 's
Abc face2face CD-Elementary Student Book
Abc Writing 's in the sentence
Abc Cards family names on it
Abc Robinsons family pictures

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of possessive 's in the context of family
  • Teaching possessive 's and seperating it from 'is' and 'has' 's
  • To provide practice of language used for Encourage them to mention their families in the context of family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of family words in the context of family
  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about mentioning about family (age, marital status, job) in the context of family


Family Tree (2-3 minutes) • Drilling 's possessive

Eliciting small parts of sentences with possessive 's Mathew's daughter Doroty's brother

My family (2-3 minutes) • Drilling 's possessive

I will show them my own family pictures and elicit words and sentences like ; 'This is Esengül's family' 'Şadiye is Esengül's mother'

Robinsons' family tree (2-3 minutes) • Drilling 's possessive

Eliciting sentences from previous lesson

(2-5 minutes) • Tick the correct sentences

Students will decide if the sentences correct or not. (about Robinsons family)

Complete the rule and Match the different's (2-4 minutes) • Introducing different 's

After emphasizing 'is' and 'possessive' 's , giving 'has' 's with very simple exercises

Writing 's the correct place in the sentence (3-5 minutes) • Providing practice with 's

They will try to put 's in the correct place after I introduce two examples.

Defining 's (3-4 minutes) • Seperating different 's

Making sentences to define what kind of 's they used

(3-5 minutes) • Robinsons' Family Picture

They will talk about their guess and check with their peers. I think s/he is Bill's son / daughter.

Listening and choosing correct words (3-5 minutes) • Catching certain information

Listening R2.9

Asking questions each other and finding the answers (5-6 minutes) • Speking practice

There are questions on the template about age, marital status, job and kids

Delivering card to students (5-6 minutes) • Practising possessive 's

Giving cards to SS with the family members names on and encourage them to make sentences.

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