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Oliver TP3 Becoming a millionaire, reading and grammar
Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson students are going to learn about how millionaires are, what kind of person they are and the dos and don'ts of them using the receptive skill reading and practice the vocabulary that they are going to learn through the productive skill speaking.


Abc HO4 Passage from SB
Abc HO1: Guess the job; vocab-definition matching HO
Abc HO3 T/F questions from SB about millionaires
Abc HO2: Vocab guessing game with definitions and examples

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed understanding of the text

Subsidiary Aims

  • To reduce the barriers to understanding the text


Warmup (4-6 minutes) • Get Ss attention to the new topic. Built up anticipation gauge what they know and can produce before the vocab and text is given to them.

Write the sentence “How to become a millionaire” but ask the question “Do you know Bill Gates? Is he a millionaire/billionaire?” Elicit answers from Ss and move on to put them in pairs. Chairs have to be pre-organized into a horseshoe shape, ask Ss to move chairs to face each other and discuss the question on the board for 2-3 minutes. W/C F/B

Vocab related to personal qualities of successful people (10-12 minutes) • Remind/pre-teach Ss vocab related to qualities of successful people so that they use these during upcoming stages.

Before distributing HO1 (SB page 44 1A) to Ss, tell them to guess the jobs of people in the HO (there are three: football coach, teacher, and entrepreneur). Ask Ss to paircheck answers quickly, remind them to give reasons. Draw Ss attention to the second part of HO. Explain task (bold words from the reading to be matched with definitions in 1b) and do first as an example. Ss work alone to complete task in 3-4 minutes and pair-check their answers. Finally provide answers using DVD. Explain that you are going to give Ss HO2 with definitions/example sentences of words and ask them to brainstorm in pairs (8 or less Ss) or groups of 3 ( 9 or more Ss) ask Ss to decide on only 1 answer for each blank. Also tell them that they will be timed (15 seconds for each sentence) for their answers. Give Ss typed out HO with blanks (dictionary definitions and SB P151 1a) without the words that will go into the blanks. Check answers W/C F/B. CC only words that might be difficult. Focus on pronunciation, drill and intonation of difficult words (Drill: reliable, sensible, aggressive, honest, punctual, moody, independent).Write words on right side of board as you check answers.

Reading for T/F question “Have you got what it takes” (12-15 minutes) • Give Ss a chance to have in-depth understanding of a passage by first having them answer T/F questions and later check their answers in given passage.

Set scene by instructing Ss to simply mark the statements on HO3 (SB page 44 2A) T for true and F for false. Give 3 minutes for 6 questions. Instruct Ss to check their answers alone from the passage and give out HO4 containing the passage. Remind Ss to underline parts from the passage where they got their answers. Have Ss peer-check answers and elicit answers swiftly using W/C F/B. Pair Ss with new partners. Ask Ss to answers some questions (Teacher prepped HO/ second part of HO3) about the text. To check comprehension of text, questions are phrased so that the Ss read text carefully.

Speaking: dos and don’ts of millionaires (10-12 minutes) • to switch to a productive skill (speaking) after the receptive skill (reading) practices. Give Ss some time to digest new words and the topic through pair and group activities.

In pairs have Ss discuss the following question: “What are the dos and don’ts of millionaires”. Write: “dos and don’ts of millionaires” on the board. Ss discuss for 3-4 minutes. Encourage note taking but not looking at the passage. Require them to find at least 10. W/C F/B. Regroup Have Ss discuss the questions: “Do you know any billionaires? . Do you agree with what the article says?” Elicit names before Ss start discussion Monitor and give support as needed.

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