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TP1 - Food
Elementary level


In this lesson ss will practice their listening and speaking skills to talk about their food preferences.


Abc fruits
Abc PP presentation
Abc whiteboard
Abc markers

Main Aims

  • To provide controlled practice of Wh question forms in the context of daily language

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice listening for specific information and revise food vocabulary.


Diversion (3-5 minutes) • Short diversion from the material SS have been taught recently. Practice of quick pronunciation. Breath control.

T will ask SS to make a semicircle in the centre of the room. T will demonstrate the task of the activity: count 1-10 (speeding up) each time touching his head, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles with both hands. With each subsequent counting the amount of numbers will be reduced by 1. (1-9, 1-8, etc.)

Warmer (5-5 minutes) • To improve SS pronunciation.

T will demonstrate the pronunciation of root syllable of Wh words. SS are expected to follow the T, pronounce root syllables as well as the whole words,being leaded by the T, one-by-one and all together. The most passive SS will be invited to the whiteboard to write Wh words with T's help.

Identifying food / fruit grab (7-10 minutes) • SS will be able to identify food

T will put some pictures of food around the classroom and see if SS can identify them. Later SS will be given some labels with the names of the food on the pictures. SS will need to stick the labels on to the pictures. T will put some fruits on a table and ask SS 'What you can see on the table?' SS will identify a fruit and the T will take it out from the desk. Later all the SS will be invited to the desk to stand in a circle around it. T will demonstrate the 'grab' task: say a fruit name on the desk and grab it. Next T will ask a S to grab the particular fruit. Might nominate some students to lead the game (to choose a fruit to grab by the rest of the SS).


T will run a PP presentation. There will be a picture on the screen. T will ask the SS what's on the picture, where the people are, what they're doing, etc. T will set up listening task and check instructions. Play an audio file. Make sure SS are listening. Ask some questions about the situation, described in the audio. T will distribute handouts and ask them to fill the gaps. T will play the audio twice: at the beginning of the task and at the end(to check answers). Next SS will be asked to listen to the audio 1.36 from English file Elementary, Seligson OUP and repeat YOU SAY section. SS will be asked to roleplay the dialogue after receiving instruction. T will demonstrate the task. SS change pairs and add more details to the dialogue. T will demonstrate the task. SS write more detailed dialogue. T will monitor.

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