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TP 07 Grammar
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In this lesson the students will discover the usage of should and shouldn't when giving/asking for advice in the context of a fit and healthy lifestyle. First the students will write down 5 tips to stay fit and healthy, then they will be exposed to the target language by matching pictures with sentences on Google Jamboard, I will cover MFAP of the grammar and after they will practice individually before using the language in the freer practice where they will describe 3 problems they have with staying healthy and fit and will give each other advice using the language as they learned in this lesson. After I will give DEC feedback.


Abc Face2face elementary WB
Abc Book: Grammar-Practice-for-Elementary-Students, E. Walker
Abc Face to Face student book

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of should and shouldn't for giving and receiving advice in the context of a fit and healthy lifestyle
  • To provide practice of should and shouldn't for giving and receiving advice in the context of fit and healthy lifestyle

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice in scanning and reading for detailed information
  • To provide practice and fluency of speaking in the context of a healthy and fit lifestyle


lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To engage learners and activate their previous knowledge of topic area

Slide 1. Instructions: Write down 5 tips for a healthy and fit lifestyle. You have 1 minute. Instructions: talk about your ideas with your partner. you have 2 minutes. OCFB

Text-work (4-6 minutes) • To expose learners to the target language

Slide 2. Instructions: In breakout rooms read and match the picture with the correct sentences. T demo's 1. Group 1 slide 1, group 2 slide 2, group 3 slide 3 etc. You have 2 minutes. T sends link and groups in chat Slide 3. T shows correct answers and gives ss a moment to check.

language clarification (15-17 minutes) • MFAP of target language

Meaning. Slide 4. Instructions: work in pairs, read and answer the questions. T demos first one BR for 2 min Slide 5. T. asks if ss have any questions and elicits answers from other ss. CCQ's: Do we use should/shouldn't to say or ask what is the correct or incorrect thing to do? (correct) Do we use should/shouldn't to say or ask what is the best or worst thing to do? (best) Form. Slide 6. Instructions: What is the correct answer? Answer in the chat or if time allows: work in pairs, BR for 1 min Slide 7. T. asks if ss have any questions and elicits answers from other ss. Appropriacy. Slide 8. Can we use should/shouldn’t at our work? (yes) Can we use should/shouldn’t at home or with our friends? (yes) Are should/shouldn’t informal, neutral or formal? (informal) Pronunciation Slide 9. Instructions: Listen to the audio and decide on what words the stress is. T demos 1: Is the stress on: A. Adjectives (big, red) + prepositions (in, at, from) B. Verbs (go, eat, walk) + nouns (week, day, salad) + determiner (every, twice) C. Pronouns (you) + articles (the) T plays audio (0.50min) Students answer in the chat Slide 10. T covers correct answers Slide 11. T says sentences, ss repeat chorally T selects 1ss to repeat for each response

controlled practice (5-6 minutes) • to provide controlled practice of the target language

Slide 12. Instructions: Read the sentences and choose should/shouldn't and the correct verb. T demos 1. T sends link in chat. Ss work on activity individually for 3 minutes IF time allows peer-check in BR for 2 min. T covers correct answers.

Freer practice (7-9 minutes) • to allow the students to use the language fluently

Slide 13. Instructions: Write down 3 problems you have to stay fit and healthy, you have 1 min. Instructions: Work in groups, talk about your problems and ask for advice. Remember you can use the tips as discussed in the first activity! T. nominates 1 student and demos. BR for 6 min Extra activity: talk about problems you have on your work/school or bad habits.

DEC Feedback • to provide learners with feedback on the completion of the task and language

Slide 14. T writes down language opportunities and covers correct answers by eliciting

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