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Tp-8 Vocabulary
Elementary level


Students will be practicing vocabulary about various foods and write a short paragraph using the words they learned.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of food related vocab via TTT

Subsidiary Aims

  • Writing a paragraph about a topic using the vocab words of the lesson.


Stage 1 Lead in (1-4 minutes) • Getting students interested in the topic and slowly starting off.

T asks what they eat at home and what they eat at a restaurant. SS begin viewing the powerpoint. T asks SS if they eat these foods. Which foods do they like eating the most? Is there any food that they stay away from?

Stage 2 test (5-10 minutes) • Testing the students current knowledge of the vocab

Tell student they will be doing a work sheet. This work sheet needs to be done alone. Show them the worksheet and tell them they will need to match the words with the pictures. They will have 3 minutes to do this. ICQs ( Will you work alone? (yes) How many minutes do you have to do this? (3 mins) Once they are done, Tell the students to swap papers with their partners and reveal the answer key via the projector. Once they are done tell them to give the papers back to each other and start looking for mistakes Circle the mistakes they have on the teacher ECDW sheet, essentially getting you ready for the next stage.

Stage 3 teach (3-7 minutes) • Teaching the vocab using a game. ECDW stage.

The students are divided into groups A and B. T will play a game with the students called guess the word. A list of Eliciting questions on the ECDW sheet is prepared for this stage. T looks at the ECDW handout that they have prepared and goes over all of the words. The words that the students didn't have a problem with can be pushed through in a faster manner. The ones they previously got wrong needs to be addressed in a more calm manner where CCQing of the word is done extensively.

Stage 4 Re-test (10-15 minutes) • Retesting the knowledge of the student of the lessons Vocab words.

SS will be given a final test where they have to fill in the missing vowels of the words. After filling in the missing vowel they will match the definition with the word. T shows HO to students first points to the section where they need to fill in the vowels and tells them they need to fill in the vowels to create the words. Then the T points to the definitions and tells the students they need to match the definitions with the words. They have 5 minutes to complete the task. They will do this alone! ICQs What do we put in the empty places? (Vowels) When we are done filling the empty places do we match with the definitions? (yes) Once the students are done have them swap papers again and put the answers on the projector. Ask the students what they think and have they learned the words. Once they say yes tell them now they will use those words to write a small paragraph.

Stage 5 Practice (5-10 minutes) • Using the vocab to write a paragraph.

Students will be divided into two groups. A and B. Each group gets 5 words. Each group writes a paragraph or a couple of sentences creating a diet plan with the vocab they have (Capabilities in this group are ranging from beginner to upper intermediate.) Once they write their paragraph they stick up the paragraphs on the board where they get to read them as a gallery. Ask them to pick the best one they think is good!

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