Teaching Practise 5a
Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn modal verbs of obligation must / have to and also can for the ability. they are given both negative and positive forms. there is also pronunciation part for modal verb / have to / must . Listening activities will be done which are in the course book. There will be also a speaking activity which includes modal verbs. The SS will be given a topic about the job characteristic.


Abc cloze tests from the course book / listening tapescript from the coursebook

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of modal verbs in the context of obligation

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about modals in the context of obligation and ability


warm up • Grammar

T will show the picture on the board which shows a boss sittng and his worker is watering the flower. the boss says : well , you HAVE TO start somewhere. T will ask them '' why does a boss talk like that ? why is have to used in this situation ? T will elicit the answer from 2 or 3 students.

Presentation (3-5 minutes) • Grammar

In this part T will write some example sentences on the board. and ask the students if they know what is difference between them. asking some questions the students about their real life. what do you have to do at home ? what do you have to do at work ? do you have to get up early every day ? while they are answering T will correct them if they make any mistakes. ın grammar part there are 3 cloze test exercises. They will put the correct ones which are written above the test.

listening part (8-10 minutes) • to engage ss in the lesson/choosing the coorect alternative/ and realize the pronunciation differences /

the listening part starts in the second exercise in the book. they will listen 4 bosses talking and put them in the correct order what they hear. In ex: 3 The SS listen a part to complete each sentence. the alternatives are written and they will circle the correct one. The last listening part is in the Pronunciation part on page 57. they will listen and notice the differences between can / can't / must. also it follows a pronunciation exercise which says practise what you hear. The SS willlisten and practise the modal verbs with the whole sentence.

controlled practise • to get the main idea of the context

T will do some grammar exercise which are in the book in grammar part. Exercise 2. the SS will put the correct modal verb in the tests. ıt is a small cloze test.

speaking (3-5 minutes) • getting the feedback

Speaking part is the last part in the book. there is a job characteristic part which has some important sentences about working. T will tell them discuss about written sentences. they will discuss which things are important for them. they can do this exercise as a group work. T will elicit some of the answers.

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