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Beginner level


In this lesson, Ss will revised name of cities and countries in the context of a competition. They will name two cities or countries. They will listen to a recorder, then they will try to know where are the people from? T will distribute words and they order these words to form sentences out of these words. Finally, Ss will revise introducing themselves in an extended form.


Abc Global beginner p. 16

Main Aims

  • To listen to specific information in the context of 5 people talking about yourselves

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review personal detail questions.


Introduction (5-7 minutes) • Slap

Using flash cards, Ss will be distributed into pairs, and listen to T sentences, then they will slap the correct flash card from the board according to the information they understood from the T sentence.

Name countries (5-7 minutes) • To be able to extend their vocabulary with a lot of countries

Ss will be asked to name two countries or cities. T may help them if they couldn't. T will discuss names of people in the course book on p. 16.

Discussion (5-7 minutes) • To extend their ability of speaking.

PW, Ss in have a quick look at the question on p.16 ex. 1, people and answers before listening to the recorder. Ss will ask their partner if they have any idea about those people. They can try to know where the people from.

Listening (3-5 minutes) • Listen for specific information.

Ss work in pairs and listen to the recorder and match names to the places.

Listening (3-5 minutes) • Listening for personal information

Ss will listen again to the recorder an this time , they have to underline the correct city.

Practice (4-6 minutes) • Speak and revise personal information.

T will show Ss a picture of a person on the PPT and try to get out his or her personal information before showing it for the Ss. Ss have to guess the details.

Production (5-8 minutes) • To produce and create personal information.

Ss will ask and answer questions giving more details about themselves, but they have to create new names and details.

Speaking (3-5 minutes) • LF

T will check first if the Ss realize the difference between What and where then let them complete the question. Ss may do the question first then check if they know the difference. Ss will work in pairs and ask and answer questions from the questions and complete the table which will be given to them. P.S This activity may not be completed due to the time of the lesson.

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