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Copy of TP 5 / Face 2 Face / 5C: " In a restaurant "
Beginners level


In this lesson, Students learn about some vocabulary related to " food and drink". These words will be introduced through flashcards and realia. Students practise through drilling, pair and group work activities. They will be exposed to a real world conversation " in a restaurant", they'll get to know different meals in the menu, revise how to say the prices. At the end, they listen to a conversation in a restaurant.


Abc coursebook / handouts / flash cards / realia / audiotracks (R 5.9 & 5.10)

Main Aims

  • To get Ss to practise some vocabulary in the context of " food & drink in a restaurant "

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ss practise listening for specific information through a conversation in a restaurant.


Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To introduce the topic of " food and drink "

I put a photo of a man holding a burger on the board . I ask students about the photo and elicit the word " burger". I ask them "do you like burgers?" and elicit the answer from students. Then I ask " What food and drink do you like?". I put students in pairs and ask them to talk to each other about the food and drink they like. I model with a student first before they start. I set a time limit of two minutes. While students are working, I'll be monitoring and offering help when needed. After they finish, there'll be a whole class discussion.

Vocabulary (activity) (3-6 minutes) • To get students figure out the new vocabulray themselves

I stick six big cards in different parts of the classroom. There will be photos of the new vocabulary and their names. I put students in pairs and ask them to match the word to the photo and stick them on the wall. I model first to make things clear for them. I set a time limit of three minutes. I'll be monitoring to see what words they are struggling with as this helps me in the next stage. If they found a difficult word, I encourage them to TRY to answer. after they finish I check every pair quickly to see how well they know the words and what words they don't know about.

Vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • To focus on meaning, form and pronunciation

Based on the previous activity, I go through the easy words for students quickly and then present the difficult ones. If they found difficulty in all of them so I'd present the vocabulary one by one. I focus on meaning by using flash cards and realia. Then I drill each word with students. I stick the flash cards and write the names under each card on the board. I focus on pronunciation, help student with the stressed parts. I use different drilling " choral, individual and backchaining". To make sure that students understand the words, I point to the pistures and ask ss to say the words.

Controlled practice (5-7 minutes) • To practise the target language through a "categorising" activity

I show students a menu and elicit the word from them. Then I ask them: "Where can we find a menu?" "what's usually in the menu?" I divide the board in to three colums and write "main course", "dessert" and "drink" in each column. I show students what these words mean by using examples of Turkish food. I take "tea" card for example and ask them "where can I put it? under main course? dessert? or drink?". I pick up students one by one to stick the cards under the right column. I ask students if they agree with the answer or not and correct any mistake.

Freer practice (5-7 minutes) • To help ss use TL through asking and answering about the prices

I write: A: ................... is the chicken salad, please? B: It's £ 3.50 I elicit the question word from students " how much". Incase students don't remember how to say prices, I'll write some prices on the board first and get them practise. I show students a menu with "food and drink" they just studied and their prices. I model with a student and ask him about the price of "coffee" and he answers. I put students in pairs and ask them to ask and answer.

Listening (7-8 minutes) • To help ss practise listening for specific information

I put a photo on the board and elicit from students (names, where they are, jobs). I pre-teach the word " bill ". I tell ss they're going to listen to a conversation and tick the food and drink they hear. I ask them if they need to listen again. I put them in pairs to check their answers. Then I check with the whole class. I tell them they're going to listen one more time and answer " how much is the bill"

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