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TP6 - Reading and Grammar
Pre-Intermediate level


Reading exercise is the main aim Grammar is the sub aim (articles a, an, the, no article) and Past Simple Passive -- have to


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Abc Gucci Text True and False & Revision
Abc A/An/The/No article Grammar Rules matching
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Main Aims

  • To read for specific and detailed information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide grammar practice of indefinite articles a/an, the, no article


Pre-Reading Lead In - Context Setting (3-5 minutes) • Review used to and set the fashion context for the reading

Show picture - fashions then say what I used to wear. When I was a young girl I told my mother, " I just have to wear this outfit!" Write the questions/answers on the white board I used to wear_________. So did I./Oh, I didn’t. Did you use to wear_______? Yes I did./No I didn’t, Have the students work in pairs to say and ask was they used to wear FEEDBACK: Have the pairs share with whole class

Pre-Reading - Set Concept - (Gucci Fashion Designer) (2-4 minutes) • Elicit designer label and introduce concept of designers and expensive fashions

Elicit designer label as follows Show picture of Guccio Gucci and ask students if they know who he is. - elicit Designer Show picture of Gucci label and ask students if they know what it is. - elicit Designer Label and write it on the white board

Reading - Vocab and read for specific information (6-8 minutes) • Elicit new vocabulary found in the text, ask the students to scan the text and complete the Gucci family tree

Tell students that we'll be reading a text about the The Gucci family and company. There are some new words for you. Elicit vocabulary and write words on board as they are elicited So I find a job at Gucci - I get "hired" I have a job now so I have to pay the government - I pay a tax. I like my co-workers at Gucci - I "get on with" them On my first day at saw a man fire a gun - I saw him shoot a gun. On my second day my boss fired someone. I saw him sack someone. On my third day, a man shot at a bird. He was the "gunman" He tried to kill the bird. He tried to "murder" it. Pass the reading text out to the students. Using the handout point at the family tree and ask the students to read the article quickly and fill in the family tree. Do the first one together. - When Gucci died (1953) ICQ so you'll read the text and ????? Give the Ss 3 to 5 minutes to complete the family tree Have them check their answers in pairs and check the FEEDBACK answers that are posted on the white board

Reading and Revision (6-8 minutes) • Students read for specific information and revise

1. Re-pair the students 2. Provide the students with the True/False HO 3. Ask the students to read the article again and with their partner mark the sentences on the HO true or false. Demonstrate the instructions using the handout. 4. As the ICQ question, so what are we going to do? Read the text and look at the statement on the handout and mark the true or false (3 to 5 minutes to do this) 4. After the students have marked true or false FEEDBACK with the WC. Ask them to work with their partner to write the false sentences correctly. 5. FEEDBACK: Pass out the answer key and have the students check.

Post Reading -Practice -- Grammar Rules - Indefinite Articles (6-8 minutes) • Students will scan the text for compliance with article usage rules (a, an, the, no article)

Divide the Ss into new groups. - a/an, the, no article Have them move their desks to face each other. Show the students the sheets with the a/an, the, no article headings and the rules. Tell them they will put the rule under the correct heading. Pass out the main sheet and cutout to each group Ask ICQ questions When they are done have them check answers with the other groups. FEEDBACK. We will share answers as a WC

Post Reading - Practice Phrase 1-14 - Apply grammar rules - Indefinite articles (8-10 minutes) • To provide students with more practice with article usage rules (a/an, the, no article) by using the text

Pass out the grid with the indefinite article rules. Have them work in pairs to put the correct words or phrases next to the correct rule for phrases 1 - 14 When done, have them check their answers with the other groups. Feedback: Pass out the answer keys

Post Reading - How Many Designer Labels to you Know? (3-5 minutes) • Contingency Activity - to speak more about designers

Write two questions on the board: 1. How important are clothes in Turkey? 2. How many designer labels to you know? 3. Divide the class into pairs has have them discuss the question and make a list of designers 4. Feedback: Have randomly selected pairs share what they know.

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