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giving advice
Intermediate (B1) level


In this lesson, learners practice different ways of giving advice through some sample matching and role play exercises


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Abc cut-ups

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of different ways of giving advice in the context of family problems

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a role-play in the context of giving advice


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • quick revision of some ways of giving advice

The students are asked to remember the conversation in the listening activity they listened to earlier and repeat some pieces of advice that were used in the conversation to brush up on their memory.

Focus on the TL-meaning (4-5 minutes) • to teach different forms on giving advice and what they mean

Students are given some cut-ups on which there are first and last parts of some sentences that they need to match in small groups.Once they are done matching the answers are checked as a whole class activity.

Focus on the TL- form (5-7 minutes) • practice different forms of giving advice using infinitives and gerunds

The students are reminded of the two common forms of verbs used after other verbs (infinitve and gerund) .Two columns are made on the board and these two groups are separately put on the board in different colors with the help of the students. Further pronunciation practice is done aimed at intonation in statements and questions

Focus on TL (6-8 minutes) • Teaching how to react to suggestions

A few responses to advice are elicited and then the students look and the Derek's reactions extracted from the listing activity.They should guess what the advice was in pairs and then they are given the listening script to check if they made correct guesses.

Practice (7-9 minutes) • teaching the correct order of words in advice sentences

A jumbled sentence is firstly written on the board and the students are asked to put in order then the cut-ups are given to the students and they are asked to work in pairs to put the sentences in correct order. The answers are checked one more time when they're done and then they are asked to discuss the questions in ex. 4

Preparation to speak (10-12 minutes) • further practice on how give advice

The class is divided in to 2 groups A & B. They are given their HOs and some time to read and decide how they want to share their problems or help their partners with their problems.They are then change roles and student As give advice to student Bs. At the same time the teacher makes notes of some of the students' mistakes especially the ones related to the focus of the lesson

Feedback (4-6 minutes) • correct students' mistakes

Some of the errors made by the students that were noted while speaking practice are written on the board and the correct answers are elicited

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