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Reyhan Torlak 24/04/14 The Weather
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn a lexical set of weather words and talk about the weather through controlled and free practices. The lesson starts with a short discussion based on the weather which is followed by a pre-teaching vocabulary part. During the lesson, students practice the target language with different activities. Finally, there will be a free speaking activity in which students mingle and try to get some information about the weather for different cities.


Abc a hand-out including questions
Abc questions for discussion (teacher made)
Abc a hand-out including pictures and words (English for Life Elementary Teacher's Book)
Abc the whiteboard
Abc board markers
Abc a hand-out including sentences (teacher made)
Abc anagram papers (English for Life Elementary Teacher's Book)
Abc a hand-out including table (teacher made)
Abc pictures about weather
Abc a video about weather ( Speakout Elementary Students' Book)
Abc a hand-out with 4 pictures (English for Life Elementary Teacher's Book)

Main Aims

  • To teach and provide controlled and free practice based on a lexical set of weather words

Subsidiary Aims

  • to develop speaking skills in the context of weather


Stage 1 (Lead-in) (5 minutes) • to generate interest and introduce a context for the lesson

-give a hand-out to each student including 4 questions on it - tell them to keep these questions in their minds while watching the video and try to answer them -get them watch the video once -get feedback by discussing with the whole class and elicit the answers from the students

Stage 2 (discussion) (4 minutes) • to get students familiar with the target language by discussing about the weather

-tell students to close their eyes -tell them to imagine that they are in the center of an extreme weather condition such as a tornado, hurricane or storm. -they describe what is happening and how they are feeling by answering your questions -ask randomly and get them share their opinions or feelings

Stage 3(check their knowledge) (3 minutes) • to elicit what students know and do not know about the target language

-distribute a hand-out including pictures about different weather conditions and words related with them -students work alone to match the pictures with the words -monitor to understand which words are new or difficult for them -let them check in pairs -ask some ICQs before beginning the activity -do we work alone or with our partner? -do we match the pictures with the words?

Stage 4(pre-teach vocabulary) (9-10 minutes) • to teach a lexical set of weather words

-teach the words which are difficult or new for the students -elicit the words, ask some CCQs ,drill them chorally and individually, and elicit the part of speech(noun-adjective forms) -write them on the board and show the stress for each word -tell them open an answer key to check their answers

Stage 5(controlled practice) (5-6 minutes) • to provide a controlled practice based on the target language

-students are given a hand-out which includes 10 sentences on it -they are expected to complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets -monitor and take notes for delayed feedback -let them check in pairs -give feedback and show their mistakes on the board -phrase the good sentences -give answers by nominating a student for each sentence and get him/her read the sentence with the correct answer

Stage 6(controlled practice) (4 minutes) • to enable students to choose the correct words to describe the pictures

-give a hand-out to each student including 6 pictures and 4 words for each picture -students work alone to match two words with each picture -tell them to check in pairs -get open class feedback by asking their reasons for choosing these words

Stage 7(solve the anagrams) (6 minutes) • to provide a further controlled practice based on the spelling of the target language

-students work in a small group of three -they try to unscramble the letters to find the words -the first group to unscramble all of the words and rewrite them correctly is the winner -groups swap their papers and check each other's answers -show the answer key and let them check their answers -after checking their answers, show some pictures and ask students which weather words we can use to describe these pictures -discuss with the whole class and ask their reasons for the answers

Stage 8 (free practice) (8 minutes) • to provide a free speaking practice based on the target language

-demo for the students -open PPP and show some information about the London -students are expected to ask some questions about it -write the questions on the board -make sure that they get the idea of the activity -each student is given a different hand-out including a city and some information about the weather -they just see their own cities and try to get information about different cities via speaking -they mingle and ask questions to each other about the weather and fill in the table -when they're done, ask randomly what they have learned from their classmates about the weather in different cities

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