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In a Cafe
beginner level


In this lesson, students will learn cafe language through speaking activities. The lesson starts with a picture of inside a cafe. Students will talk about this picture and try to figure out what's coming. Then they will listen to a conversation between two customers and an assistant, which the students will be a little familiar with the cafe language. Students will work in groups with pieces of papers with the cafe language on them. They will seperate the cusomers' sentences and assistantant's sentences and stick them on the papers on the walls using the right column. Then, they will practice the TL in pairworks, group works and finally some pairs will role play the cafe conversation in open class.


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Main Aims

  • To introduce clarification of the language used for making conversations between a customer and an assistant in the context of a cafe

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in cafe language conversations.


Stage 1 (lead in) (10 minutes) • To introduce the aim of the lesson and to make the context interesting for students.

-have the projector ready, open the first slide "picture of a cafe" Ask questions about the picture: How many people are there? 3 Where are they ? in a cafe. The name of the cafe is Cafe Pronto Why are they here? They are hungry. They wanto to eat something. Who is going to eat? These 2 or this? How do we call them ? these 2 customers ( they want to eat) and this girl is assistant. -Say 'please sit as one girl and one boy. Girs are Sue and boys are Jack. Think that you are in a cafe. You are hungry. You want to eat and something. what do you say? how do you say? discuss with your partner, you have 2 minutes. -get answers from a few pairs. Say 'when you ask to eat something in a cafe, this is called order' write it on the board.

stage 2 (Listening) (5 minutes) • to provide clarification of the TL through listening

- Students will listen to a conversation between 2 customers and an assistant. - Ask them to look at their price lists which Tatiana has given -Ready the track R3.15 -ask them to listen to the conversation and tick what they order from the list. -check the answers, pick students to answer -Listen again, this time ask them to write how much each costomer spends. -check the answers, pick students to answer

Stage 3 (10 minutes) • to make the students to produce the TL in a mingling activity

-So far they spoke and listened something about cafe language, but the didin't see it in written. They will have a mingling activity. - Group the students according to the colored stripts they choose. Show them which paper on the wall they will work -Show them the orange pieces of papers. These are the sentences of customers and assistants. They are mixed. They will decide which ones are customers' and which ones are assistants'. They will find and stick the pieces on the right column. -Demontrate one example. -Give them 4 minutes -Pass the answerkeys to each group -ask them to go and check their answers.

Stage 4 (5-10 minutes) • to provide correct phonology of the TL

-open slide 3 -Ask the students to read the sentences one by one. -Show the mark stressed word or words of each sentences on the board. -Drill the sentences

Stage 5 (listening and speaking) (5 minutes) • to provide controlled listening and speaking practice of the TL with the correct phonology rules.

-Students will listen to other conversation in a cafe. They will listen carefully and repeat together. *Make new pairs. Students pick one piece of paper from the pouch. ( Messi or Ronaldo) -ask them to sit as 1 Messi, 1 Ronaldo. Messis are going to be customers and Ronaldos are assistants. They are going to practice the conversation from the answer key they are given. After a few minutes, they are going to change the roles.

Stage 6 ( Speaking) (10 minutes) • to provide speaking practice of the TL without using any material on their hands.

-Ask the students to go back their seats. Sit however you like. -put them into new pairs -put a dest into the middle of the class. -ask for a volunteered pair to come. Say 'one will be a customer, the other one will be an assistant. Ask Which one will be who? They will create a new conversation and role play it.Assistant will calculate the order looking at the menu.

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