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Teaching Practice 9th of July
Upper-Int level


Student will review and practice common phrases with take.


Abc Handout 1

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary: To review and practise common phrases with 'take' e.g. take sides.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To get sts to practice speaking for fluency.


Lead-in (6-8 minutes) • To warm up the students and introduce them to the lesson.

*Sts write phrases with 'take' that they know. Give an example to help them e.g. 'take a shower'. Give them some time to do that in pairs. *Ask sts what they wrote. If they say any of the phrases that will be taught, write them on the WB. Ask if sts know what those phrases mean.

Practise (23-25 minutes) • To review and teach 10 phrases with 'take' in terms of meaning, form and pronunciation.

*Give sts the worksheets form the book. Sts tick the phrases that they know individually. Monitor them, check which words they usually do/don't know. *Sts work in pairs to discuss the meanings of the phrases. *Ask sts about their discussion. Try to elicit from them, see what they know, what they don't and where they are wrong. Explain the meanings of the phrases, ask CCQ questions for each of them. *CCQs: 1. take a long time. Do you leave your home in 15 after you wake up or does it take more time? 2. take risks. A gambler lost 100.000 dollars. Did he take a lot of risks? 3. take seriously. Do you care a lot about what people think about you? 4. take advice. Do you take advice from a retarded person? 5. take for granted. Do you care about your husband/wifes feelings? Do you ever feel like you are going to lose him/her by treating him/her badly? 6. take responsibility for. If you ran over a person by your car would you take him/her to a hospital? 7. take advantage of. Yusuf is lazy, doesnt want to study. He is always copying Receps answers. Recep doesnt mind. 8. take notice. I asked him to be quiet. He didnt care. Did he take any notice of me? 9. take time. You need to be in your class in 15 mins. But you feel hungry and want to have a snack. Do you take your time to eat? 10. take sides. You have children and they are fighting. You do not want to get involved because you love them both. Are you taking sides? *Write the phrases on WB in an organised way. Show where they can break the form with examples. *Drill 'seriously', 'granted', 'responsibility', 'advantage' and drill their phrase forms with 'take'. *Mix the sts. Sts take turns to ask and answer the questions in 1.a. *Give the handout 2 to the sts. Sts fill in the blanks individually at first. *Sts check their answers with their partners. *Discuss their answers.

Further Practise (13-15 minutes) • This will be a freer practice to make sts use the phrases they learnt in the lesson.

*Sts work in pairs, write their own sentences using some of the phrases. If there is 4 sts i might consider telling the sts to 1st group to use the 1st 5 phrases, and to 2nd group to use the 2nd phrases. *Monitor sts carefully while they are writing and speaking. Help if necessary. *Ask sts if they have any questions.

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