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Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson students will be introduced to the topic of water, firstly through lead-in exercises related to parts of the body. This will lead into a listening exercise on the topic of water's importance for the body, before which certain vocabulary will be pre-taught, and during which students will practice both listening for gist and listening for specific information. The content of the listening exercise will lead to focus on the grammar point of the infinitive of purpose. Students will be able to practice this in their speaking at the end if time.


Abc Sticky notes with parts of the body
Abc Class HO

Main Aims

  • Listening for Gist and Listening for Specific Information

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking
  • To provide practice of Infinitive of purpose


Lead-in (8-10 minutes) • Students will brainstorm and be tested on their knowledge of parts of the body.

T will place a number of sticky notes, each with a body part on, on the WB. T will get one student to stand at the front of the class and other Ss will be encouraged to come and place the notes on the appropriate body part of the model S. In pairs, Ss will then write as many other body parts as they can in one minute. T will ask pair with the longest list to read theirs out. T will produce HO with one side folded over out of sight. Ss will then complete the missing letters body parts exercise and the deciding whether certain body parts are inside or outside the body exercise, in pairs, and followed by WC FB. T will pay attention to pronunciation of body parts and drill accordingly.

Listening Pre-Tasks (10-12 minutes) • Ss to talk about the importance of water for humans, and to understand the new vocabulary that will be heard in the Listening activities.

T will remind Ss of topic of drinks from previous lesson. Water will be elicited as one that is especially important for humans. T will put students into groups and they will brainstorm some ideas about why water is important for humans. T will draw attention to the picture on the HO and get Ss to explain the meaning of 'The human body.....50 to 60% water.' Ss will be given the new vocabulary gap-fill exercise to do individually, before WC FB. T will drill Ss on these words.

Listening (10-12 minutes) • Students will listen for gist and for specific informaton

T will introduce the listening exercise and play the recording. The first time Ss will just listen for the parts of the body that they hear. T could say that there are 5. ICQ's. WC FB. Before listening for the specific information related to the numbers, T will elicit and drill how these numbers are pronounced so that Ss can more easily recognise them. Ss can then discuss the specific listening answers in groups before WC FB.

Grammar (10-12 minutes) • Students to be introduced to and practice the infinitive of purpose

T will write this incomplete sentence on WB: 'Human beings need to drink water to _________' T will elicit what the verb might be and why the infinitive is used. T will ask students what question it answers (why). T will check understanding by picking up various objects and eliciting their use from Ss. Ss now allowed to unfold the rest of the HO. Ss do grammar ex.1, individually, and then can describe the uses of the items to the others in their group. T will monitor

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