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J2 Sem 1 Wk9
Grade 8 level


Students learn about nutrition and then design a health plan.


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Main Aims

  • Students acquire nutrition vocabulary and are able to use the grammatical structures "a lot of", "not much", "enough", etc.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students learn about health


Introduction (6-8 minutes) • Get students thinking about the topic

Start by asking kids what they know about nutrition. Play the nutrition song. After, kids can talk about what they learned.

Vocabulary+facts (8-12 minutes) • Teach new vocab and nutrition facts

Go through the slide, elicit each word and drill. For the fact slides, get a student to read. Concept check, e.g. "So, is orange juice good for you?" (Answer: no! Too much sugar!)

Controlled Activity (10-12 minutes) • give students a chance to use the new vocab, along with grammar structures.

Use the sentence PDF and cut out every word (except for "I should" and any ending that goes together, e.g. "saturated fat.") Keep the endings (with periods) separate from the rest. Call up a group of students. Give them an ending, e.g. "sugary drinks." and the rest of the words. They have to compose the correct sentence, "I shouldn't drink too many sugary drinks."

Freer Practice (10-12 minutes) • Students apply what they have learned

In small groups students design a plan to be healthier. They should talk to each other in English (questions like "Do you get enough exercise" or "How many servings of whole grains do you eat a day?") Then they write down what all of them should do, and what just a few of them should do.

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