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Intermediate level


In this lesson, students practice usually and used to through guided discovery in the context of friendship.


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Main Aims

  • To practise usually and used to in the context of friendship

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise reading for specific information, lexis to describe friendship and semi controlled speaking


Setting the context (0-10 minutes) • To preteach vocab that is needed for reading and speaking

Show the visual of two friends at workplace. Ask questions, what is the picture all about? So if they are working together, what is the right word to describe their relationship...... colleague/ workmate Next show the picture of me and my close friend.... one picture to show childhood days and then another snap shot taken during the later stage, we like to go out very often,..... ask questions, How long have I known her..... it started as a childhood friendship, then we lost touch during our college days, then again we were reunited after I moved to UAE, Now ask ss to think about their close friend. In pairs, ss ask and answer questions, How long have you known him/her? Where did you meet? How often do you see each other? Have you ever lost touch? Why? When? The questions will be on board, also ss will be a copy. Give them 2 minutes to find about the friend of their pair. Monitor.

Stage 2 (10-20 minutes) • To practise reading for specific information

Following the speaking session, ask them who has more number of close friends? For those who have lost touch, do you like to reunite? Now read about a website named Friends reunited and find out what it has for you.... ICQs Distribute the task sheet After reading, check their understanding.... What is the website for? How do you use it? Now ask the students to read about two people already registered in the website.... As you read fill out the gap fills using the key words... Give them 2 minutes... Ask them to check for answers with their peers.. Monitor and check for error correction.

Stage 3 (20-30 minutes) • Practise "used to" and "usually"

While checking answers put them on board.. Underline the word used to... ask them when do we say "used to"?.... for past habits .. Are we continuing those past habits? When I was a child, eveyday I travel to school by school bus. .... CCQs Did I go to school by school bus? - yes Do I go by school bus now? - No Is it a past activity or a present one? - Past Now frame the sentence When I was a child, ...... give them the prompt and wait for answer... I used to go to school by school bus. if we stop doing a past activity... then we use "Used to" Now, for present habits? What is the right word.. for example, I have the habit of waking up early, Am I waking up early now? - Yes Is it past activity? - yes it started in the past and continues even now... What do we say for activities that we continue in the present? I _______ wake up early. Get the words- usually/ normally What is the negative form of "used to" For example, I used to smoke. " didn't use to" it can be changed to negative as " I didn't use to smoke" or I used to smoke but not any more/ any longer.... I usually go the gym but not any more/ any longer Now for the question form, for a past activity? We ask, " Did you use?" Go back to first sentence I used to go by school bus. How do you frame a question? W Did you use to go by school bus? For present tense, how do we frame a question, Do you usually wake up early?

Stage 4 (30-40 minutes) • Practice - grammar exercise

Give instructions to do next exercise... work out first one. Ask them to work out next 4... check with peers for answers. Check the answers with students. Continue with the next activity, work out first one with the class, next four let them do it and peer check. Go around monitor. Fedback and correction Thank you and goodbye

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