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Functional language practice in the context of booking a flight.


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Main Aims

  • To practise the functional language of booking a flight in the context of a conversation with an agent.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice in speaking in the context of booking a flight through an agent.


Lead in (5-7 minutes) • To set the context and get ss into the lesson directly.

Ask ss : Did any one travel before? How did you travel? If you want to travel, what should you do first? What do you need to travel on a plane? (Show them a picture of a ticket) Should you book a flight or a ticket? How can you book a flight? I 2-Tell ss that Rachel is going to book a flight at the travel agent's. Ask them to think of 4 questions she can ask(in pairs for 2 minutes) Give them an example. Can I reserve /book a flight, please? Show them possible suggested answers.

Exposure to functional language . (5-8 minutes) • To expose ss to the functional language used in the context of booking a flight .

Tell ss to read the notes Rachel has made on the book(in a minute). Tell them they are going to listen to a conversation between Rachel and a travel agent and complete the notes she has made. Remind them the recorder is not in the same order as in the notes. Use ICQs : Are we going to do this alone or together? Now play the audio once. Play once again upon ss' request . Ask ss to check their answers in pairs. Provide an answer key. a) 979 Euros b) 3rd c) 6.50 d) 4th e) Madrid f) 13.35 g) 08.20 h) two I) 78879345 Ex3: Elicit ss' background about the 4 titles :Mr, Mrs, Miss, & Ms. Tell ss to listen again and complete the details. Tell them to check in pairs, then provide an answer key.

Highlighting the extracted functional language. (2-3 minutes) • To focus ss' attention on the functional language based on the listening text.

Give a handout including the listening written script. Ask ss to underline the new words, expressions, and questions that are used in a flight booking conversation, that ss are unfamiliar with. Now show them a model of hilighted functions on the text. (2 mins)

Functional Language Clarification (8-10 minutes) • To familiarize ss with the functional language presented in the text by explaining their meaning, form, and pronunciation.

Elicit from ss. Explain functions that they don't know. I am interested in a return flight. Coming back when? I'll just check availability. It's completely full. Can you try the third one instead? Let's just check the return date. including taxes. Is it a direct flight? Don't drill everything ,just the ones ss find difficult to pronounce .

Practice (10-15 minutes) • To practise the functional language and use it in personalised contexts finally .

Controlled practice : Ex 4: Demonstrate that the sentences below are cut into halves. Tell are going to match the two halves together. Do one or two examples with them. When do you want to travel? And coming back when? Let ss do the other sentences in pairs. (in two mins) Give an answer key. Tell ss they are going to practice the sentences in pairs. Monitor the class and check if they need help. Ex 5 a ) Now tell ss to use the information from exercise 2 to 4 and act out a conversation between Rachel and the travel agent.(in pairs) (let them imagine one is Rachel, one is a travel agent) Tell ss to imagine they are going to book a flight in a travel agent. Free practice : Give handouts : Tell ss they are going to act out a similar conversation as they had before. You can choose two of them :one as a customer, another is a travel agent. Give prompts and cues.

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