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Memory, Past Simple and Past Continuous Tense
Intermediate, Module-2, B1 level


In this lesson, learners are going to have gap-fills, script and some exercises about Past Simple and Continuous Tenses. Because the learners' level is Intermediate, the subjects which will be focused on are also going to include receptive skills development by listening for the gist and check the answers related to gap-fills. Moreover, they will have speaking part that is related to First Meetings in their lives.


Abc Andy's' tape script
Abc Handout 2
Abc Handout 3
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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of Past Simple and Continuous Tenses in the context of the First Meetings.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give an opportunity for SS to use TL in the context of a discussion about First Meetings. To scan a tape script for answers and examples of the TL. To listen for specific details in order to check answers from a gap-fill exercise.


Stage-1 (Warm-up and First Meetings) (2-10 minutes) • To get students thinking the first people they met in their lives.

- Give some examples from your daily schedule by using Past forms and ask the SS' guess which tense/s was used - Write the questions on the WB about First Meetings - Discuss the questions - Teacher collects FB by asking different learners to tell their answers

Stage-2 ( Focus on Grammar) (2-10 minutes) • To practice on established tenses.

- Give a simple and clear instruction - Group students in pairs - Deliver HO which is a tape script to SS - Read quickly and point out regular Past Simple verbs, irregular Past Simple verbs and Past Continuous verbs - Ask SS change their paper with the other pairs' paper - Teacher gets FBs/ answers from the students in a speaking practice.

Stage-3 ( To work on all forms of the tenses) (3-5 minutes) • To decrease all errors in the structures and to use TL efficiently.

- Pass out HO to SS' to see timeline clearly that will be focused on - They choose the correct alternatives that HO includes - Teacher gives answer key - Group as pairs - Handout second HO to SS to put parts which are related to structures of Past forms order. - Give an answer key to SS to check their own answers.

Stage-4 ( Gap-fill) (5-10 minutes) • To put the verbs in blanks in the Past Simple or continuous.

- Give simple and clear instruction - Pass out HO which is a gap-fill - Ask SS to fill in the blanks according to the tenses - Focus on receptive skill (listening part) - Let students check their answers by listening. - Make learners read the paragraph's phrases one by one loudly after they correct their mistakes on it - Give simple and clear instruction again - Group as a pairs - Handout second HO to SS' to find the mistakes and correct them - Teacher collects FBs by asking different groups to tell some of their answers

Stage-5 ( Speaking Part) (5-8 minutes) • To encourage to SS' to talk each others by using some Past Simple questions

- Give simple and clear instruction to SS' what they are supposed to do - Give strips to them - Call them to the middle of the class and let them talk each others by using those structures

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