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TP 2 Unit 4 Page 50
Upper Intermediate level


This lesson gives students the chance to become aware of and practice various ways to express doubt. Ss will listen to various audio clips modeling these specific phrases and how they are used, and they will also have the chance to speak with fellow students to practice different intonation and stress.


Abc Whiteboard & Markers
Abc Handout from workbook: Global Intermediate
Abc Handout from Global Intermediate

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss practice in speaking and fluency in expressing doubts.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Raise awareness of and provide practice with functional words and phrases for expressing doubts. Also, listening for specific information and detail.


Warmer (5-6 minutes) • To incite and build interest in the topic of doubt - within the context of places in the world that make largely unbelievable claims

As students are arriving, pass out handout from workbook page 50. Write words on the WB to help pre-teach vocabulary that will be helpful for later in the lesson: (Fortune, Eternal, Statue, Youth, Wealth, Doubt, Apparently) Elicit definitions and drill briefly for pronunciation. T to read the two texts on the handout and discuss. 1) What positive effects do they suggest these places can have on visitors? 2) What do you think of these claims? Quick ask of the students to personalize the topic: Are there any places in Turkey like this?

Listening/Specific Information (7-8 minutes) • Identify attitudes from speakers toward two specific places with over-the-top claims

Listening Ex: 1 (1.58-1.59) Pair off students counting in Ones/Twos. Explain that they need to listen for what kind of attitude the speakers have. Have them listen to two both tracks, pausing between each to discuss with their partner. Write FB on WB.

Listening/Detail (7-8 minutes) • Listen for and identify specific arguments made by the speakers

Explain to Ss that they will be listening for specific arguments from the speakers as to WHY they feel they way they do about the two places and to make a mark on the correct argument. Play both clips again for Ss (1.58 and 1.59). When finished, take FB from Ss on board in brief note form.

Language Focus (10-12 minutes) • To familiarize Ss with functional language words and intonation

Instruct students to complete LF Ex: 1 and that we will listen to the audio after to check answers. Play each sentence from audio clip (1.60) and have Ss practice saying them with the same intonation. Drill each phrase a few times during the pause.

Speaking (10-10 minutes) • Give students the opportunity to practice expressing doubt in an authentic way that they can use realistically

Instruct Ss to choose a new partner that they have not worked with today. Read aloud both options in the "Speaking" component and explain that they can choose A or B. For those who choose option A, provide copy of page 45. Monitor and take FB verbally: What were their opinions?

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