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session 1
ket (university) level


in this lesson student learn about grammars related to there is and there are. also they learn how to use tobe verbs


Abc empty papers

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy


stage 1 (5-7 minutes) • warm up

greeting explaining the rules

stage 2 (10-13 minutes)

teacher asks students to write their names and put it on their desk. then teacher makes groups of four or five people. the teacher names each group by colours. each group supposed to speak with group mates. each member should describe herself to group. they should chose one student as a head of group.

stage 3 (15-20 minutes)

teacher teaches the grammar of there is and there are. she gives some examples and students write down the examples. teacher explains the situation which we should choose a or an. then she asks students to write five sentences individually. then they check the sentences in their group. each group find the best and most creative sentence and the head of group comes and writes it on the board.

stage 4 (15-20 minutes)

teacher explains about the grammar of tobe verbs for present tense. she gives example for each one. then students write down the grammar and examples on their note book. then each group supposed to make 7 sentences. the faster group which follows the grammar, takes chocolate as present. then each group's head comes to the board and wrtes the most creative sentences.

stage 5 (5-10 minutes)

teacher reviews the grammer again. and writes some question on the board about the grammar. qusetions are simple and students answer oraly.

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