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Reading for gist and detail and speaking fluency in the context of gender.
upper intermediate level


In this lesson Ss practice reading and speaking in the context of a text about gender gaps. The text is introduced by images of men and women doing different things. Ss discuss their opinion on possible gender differences in pairs then have separate exercises in reading a the text for gist and for detail and then try to infer the meaning of different phrases from the text. Ss then discuss their opinions in relation to the text and gender gaps. If time this will be followed by a vocabulary exercise on adjectives relating to human characteristics.


Abc module 4 The Mind pages 40 and 41

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice to Ss and speaking fluency practice in the context of gender.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide introduce vocabulary related to gender and character.


Warmer (3-5 minutes) • to engage Ss in the topic of the text.

Place images on the WB and write the word "gender" on the WB. Ask Ss if they think men and women are better at different things.

Lead -In (5-5 minutes) • to introduce the text and generate Ss interest

T to have already written topics from ex 1 p 40 on WB. Ss PW to discuss whether Ss think men and women are naturally better at different things. T refer to examples on WB.

reading for gist (10-10 minutes) • practice skill of reading text for gist

Leave Ss in same pairs. T introduces the text. T gives instructions to Ss do exercise 2 on p 40 materials and discuss as PW. Ss then to read text quickly for gist and check their answers as PW. Ask ICQs to clarify instructions - do you read quickly or slowly ? Do you need to read every word ? Feedback as WC

Reading for detail. (15-15 minutes) • practice skill of reading text for detail.

Ask Ss to work individually and read the text again in detail. Ask Ss to read exercise 3 on page 40 and to answer the questions and to underline the parts of the text where they found the answers.T ask ICQS to clarify instructions - are you reading quickly or in detail ? do you read in detail before or after you answer the questions? Will you find the answers in the text? Ss to check asnwers as PW.

Controlled Practice (10-10 minutes) • to practice deducing meaning from context.

Put Ss in different pairs. ss look at exercise 4 on page 40. Ask Ss to deduce meaning of the words and phrases from the text. ask ICQs - do you need to know what all the words mean ? are you going to read the text again ? do you need to read it in detail or look for particular information? do you need to look at a dictionary ?

Speaking practice (5-5 minutes) • to practice speaking about the topic

Ss in GW to discuss question 5 on page 40. Include giving reasons for opinions in instructions. T to monitor and help. Some WC feedback from groups if time.

Vocabulary (6-8 minutes) • learn meaning and use of adjectives relating to character.

Ss in PW do exercise 1 on page 41 if time. Do first example as WC to demonstrate in instructions. monitor and help. Ss to give answers as WC feedback.

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