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writing, introduction practice
advance level


Abc instruction handouts,WB

Main Aims

  • In this lesson students get to know more about how to write an introduction paragraph in details, including thesis statement,background statement and subordinate reasons

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of a essay in the context of noisy students


review (20-25 minutes) • reminding some hints

T-S. Ask some brief questions about last session's topic and review some hints from instruction handouts. T-S. Ask two chosen students to read their homework and share it with the class. S-S. Ask students to take notes and write their comments about their friend's homework. T-S. Check SS's grammatical mistakes and clarify some of their structural or lexical errors.

Adding details (15-20 minutes) • To come across with some new hints about writing an introduction paragraph

T-S. Explain about background statement and paraphrasing. T-S. Show some examples about paraphrasing and background statement on their handouts. S-S.Ask SS to find more examples paraphrasing on their handouts in a teamwork. T-S. Give some explanation about subordinate reasons. S-S: Students pair-work with each other on some handout examples to find out more about subordinate reasons.

Feed back (15-20 minutes) • receiving some feed back about the lesson

T-S. Ask SS to make groups. SS. write some examples about paraphrasing and subordinate reasons. T-S. Check SS answer and do some clarification. T-S. consider some homework for SS to write a complete introduction paragraph.

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