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TP8, Reading lesson
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice receptive skill of reading for detailed information by reading the text and finding out the links between three main heroes. Then, students will learn some new adjectives and using them they will describe heroes from the reading task. After that students will read scrambled sentences from the summary of the text that they have just read and try to put them into correct order. Following up activity will be speaking in buzz groups.


Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading and analyzing links between people or events from the text using the text about Gold Fever in the context of Money.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of Money.


Lead in (2-3 minutes) • To get students interested

I will start the lesson playing the song of Abba "Money, money, money". Students should know this song and they should recognize it easily. Then, i will ask students what can people do to become reach, How people get money? Students will discuss these questions for 1 minute in groups ( I expect some answers like "people look for treasures" "people play lotteries" "girls get married with rich men"...).

Pre-teaching (4-5 minutes) • To get students ready for the reading actiivity

I will write on the board the heading of the text and ask students what they know about it, what it can be and what it is. Students will discuss it in groups of 3 for 2 min. Then, if students don`t know what it is, i will tell them that they will have to discover it themselves by reading the text. After this small discussion, i will give them some very small matching activity, to check if they know words, that may be crucial in the text, that they will read. Students will do it for 2 min, check with partners and then they will get printed answers.

Reading (8-10 minutes) • To practice skimming and scanning

While reading students will have to do 2 tasks. They will have to find out what the gold fever is, who "Forty-Niners" were and find the synonym from the text, and then they will have to do the first exercise from the handout. Students will need to explain the links between names and things. Then, they will need to discuss their answers in pairs or in groups of three ( depending on the amount of students). Then, they will shortly present their answers to the class, this way i can check if they got ideas correctly.

Post-reading activity (5-7 minutes) • To check students` understanding

This activity should provide some new vocabulary and check how students understood the text. There are 8 words that describe a character, students will have to decide which words describe opposite characters from the text. These words most probably will be new for students, so they will also get definitions of that words. Students will do the exercise and discuss their answers with partners for a minute, then the whole class will discuss answers shortly.

Post reading, scrambled summary (6-8 minutes) • Challenging reading

Students will do exercise 3 from the handout, they may need to look through the text again and after that, they will need to put lines of the summary in the correct order. This activity may be too difficult for these students, so as a hint, that will help them, i can give them 4 collocations ( from the lexis part), it may help them with summary. After they finish, summary will be checked in pairs and one by one they will write correct answers on the board.

Follow up (8-12 minutes) • To practice speaking for fluency

Gold is very important for Turks, that is why this class may enjoy talking about gold. There will be 4 pictures on walls, students will get up, look at that pictures and discuss what that things are, why people buy them, if they are important and if that things are expensive now.

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