Elaine Elaine

Revision: present simple for routines
Entry 2 level


Students will revise present simple for daily routines


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Main Aims

  • Revise use of present simple for routines
  • Ask questions in present simple

Subsidiary Aims

  • Build awareness of collocations as a way of organising vocabulary
  • Practise third person forms


Pre-task activity (3-6 minutes) • To introduce the topic

Ask learners about their routines and encourage answers in present simple

Christina's day (5-6 minutes) • Use present simple in third person

Show pictures - learners talk about Christina's day and write two or three verbs for each pic. Group feedback. Make sure they know the possessive adjectives (eg her teeth, her hair).

Collocations (6-10 minutes) • Build awareness of collocations with make, do, have

Introduce collocations and elicit some examples. Listen and complete task

Asking about routines (6-10 minutes) • To revise and practise present simple question forms

Elicit and present question forms. Practise in pairs

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