Rana Rana

Reported Speech
Upper intermediate level


Abc HO1-HO2-HO3-white board-color markers-visuals

Main Aims

  • By the end of this session, learners will have had the chance to learn about the meaning, form and pronunciation of reported speech in the context of discussing people's achievements.

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of this lesson, learners will be better able to use reported speech in speaking for fluency in the context of discussing people's achievements


Lead-in (5 minutes) • Set context and generate students' interest

-I'll start with 4 pictures of scenes from a famous Arabic movie and ask them what these pictures were about. (the scenes are about twisting someone's words and falsely reporting them). -In pairs, students will talk about a time when they heard or witnessed something similar. ( 3 mins) -Open class discussion.

Exposure (5 minutes) • Expose students to target language and familiarize them with it

-Hold up speech bubbles and exercise paper. -Tell the ss they have 3 speech bubbles and 3 sentences below. (3 mins) -ICQs: how many sentences ? 3 how many speech bubbles? 3 -Ask them to read the sentences in the speech bubbles (direct speech) and change them into indirect speech in the sentences below. They have only the beginnings. -How will you complete the sentences ? from the speech bubbles -Will you keep them the same? No -Set time frame (2 mins) -Monitor their work -Pair check -Answer key

Clarification (10-15 minutes) • Clarify meaning, pronunciation and form of target language

-Hold up exercises B and C -For exercise B, ask ss to circle the right answer i.e "past" or "present" -ICQs: what will you circle? past or present -For exercise C, I will refer back to HO1 and ask them to do the same.They will complete the sentences below by reporting the questions in the speech bubbles. -ICQs: what will you report? The questions will you use direct speech or indirect speech? indirect speech -Set time frame (2 mins) -Monitor their work -Pair check -OC feedback -Divide the board into 2: direct speech and indirect speech. -Under direct speech, I'll write the questions in the exercise and under indirect speech I'll write the students' answers with correction highlighting the "one step back" part. -I'll draw their attention to the changes that happened when reporting and highlight them in a different color. -I'll refer back to the sentences in the exposure to highlight how to report sentences,too. -I'll provide more examples (mixed tenses) quickly to prepare them for the controlled practice.

Controlled practice (5 minutes) • allow the students to practice the target language in a controlled manner

-Hold up sender cards and message cards. -Ask the ss to report the messages they get mentioning who sent them. -T passes by to show them one card and demo. -Set time (3 mins) -Distribute cards -Monitor their work -Ask them to write their answers on the board and correct with the ss.

Freer practice (10-15 minutes) • Let ss practice target language in a freer manner

-Arrange the ss so that they're in 3s. -Tell the ss to imagine that they're friends. Two of them had had a fight and the one in the middle will be a mediator, but instead of resolving the conflict they make it worse. The 2 friends that had a fight will whisper to the mediator and he will report. -The ss will take some time to plan and decide what they're going to say. -ICQs: what will you plan now? the fight what will the mediator do? make it worse -Demo -Set time (5 mins) -content/language feedback -Extra activity(in case there's a lot of time left) : in pairs, they gossip about a common friend they have.

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