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Intermediate level


In this lesson students will upgrade their knowledge about daily newspaper through the context of newspaper, pictures, and CCQ. They will also learn vocabulary with proper pronunciation relevant to the topic by drilling and practice.


Abc WB; Pictures;Vocabulary
Abc Material aids
Abc Newspaper

Main Aims

  • Speaking (freer through newspaper)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary through the newspaper and newspaper stories


Stage. 1 Pre teaching the vocabulary to warm up (4-6 minutes) • To generate the basic knowledge regarding newspaper

Ask the students basic questions to get answers through eliciting. For example, who is an editor? What is the role of an editor to organise an attractive newspaper? Elicit the vocabulary you chose from the news stories on page 128 and 130. Also mention what are the difficult words according to the part of the speech.

Stage.2 Edıtıng a newspaper front page for activity (7-10 minutes) • To create ability to hunt the best news & to improve vocabulary through speaking skill

Instruct the students to read the outlines of the news stories on page 128 and 130. Decide alone which one should be the main story on the front page and which should be the second one. Think & give reasons for their choice . Students work alone to choose the front page stories .. Speaking: Make 2 groups A & B and through discussion students agree on the front cover stories for their newspaper. They set the newspaper, keeping in mind as the best newspaper in demand and news quality. Use the way of giving advice as, " I think, I would like, I would prefer, ... ." Students discuss reasons in their groups for choosing the main and secondary story. Then decide what kind of newspaper they are compiling. Monitor and take notes. Elicit from the SS the needs for Organizing FP e.g, headlines,pictures ...etc. Let them select the pictures & write the headlines regarding the best 1st & 2nd news stories. provide the SS blank pages & get them to design the layout Pg. Think of a newspaper's name. write the headlines and paste the most suitable photos.

Stage ,3 To perform activity for speaking practice (6-8 minutes) • English fluency Practice

Choose a ss representative for their newspaper. He should explain his news stories and reasons to set the Front Page. Both groups learn knowledge about selecting the best news as editorial team members to sell it more and more. Regroup the other ss so they see the newspapers. The SS representative explains their choice of stories...etc. SS see other group's front page. Monitor and take notes about ss mistakes. Take FB about what they thought about other newspaper. which had the best headlines & stories. FB. Put some of the errors on the W/b & get the SS to correct it.

Feedback through teacher notes (4-5 minutes) • To check SS ın put & gaıned knowledge

Hıghlıgt the ss mıstakes teacher noted down durıng monıtorıng.Wrıte these on WB , Tell the ss to come and correct them. Make drıll to satısfy the learners.

Home Actıvıty (1-3 minutes) • To set a new FP after dıscussıon wıth your father

Ask the ss to prepare one FP ındıvıdually at home to get thıs skıll.

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