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clever baby , F&F lesson 12
starter , family and friends 3 level


in this lesson Ss understand a short story and how they can use the ADJ that they learn at the top of the page ( lesson)


Main Aims

  • 1) Ss must understand every thing about story
  • 1) Ss must understand every thing about story 2)they learn about the meaning of the clever 3) they can make a short story like the books story

Subsidiary Aims

  • board managing make enjoyable be friendly with Ss don`t shout, be calm , don`t get angry


lead in (1-3 minutes) • warm up

ask how they feel ( how are you ? what did you do last week?) make my materials ready

engagement (2-4 minutes) • meet Ss with this lesson

~show an old pic a bout myself in powerpoint ~ask some Q about that photo and review last vocabs (Q E.X = look at this photo . point to a person and say is she me ? and get feedback ask this kind of Q to find myself , after that describe my self with last vocabs )

study (5-10 minutes) • start teaching conversation

1) teach blocking word ( clever by MECDIBL) 2)describe pics of story( EX= who are the people on sofa ? what are the children looking at ? what is dad doing ? who do you think a bout the baby? ) 3)gist reading ( Q= was max different when he was baby?) listen and read for find the answer i give some time to my Ss for checking their answer and then ask ICQ , after that get feedback from Ss 4)Scan story with detail and ask DFQ ( make some blank in my sentences and Ss must fill them) listen again , close pair work , ICQ ,feedback 5)Drilling all the story chorally

activation (5-8 minutes) • make sure they understand it

controlled practice = highlighted some prominent sentence and replace them semi controlled practice= at first Ss must act on the group then open pair for class freer practice =Ss have to make conversation related to this story and i should modeling for them before that conversation and ask ICQ

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