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TP 2A - Unit 2A - School Days
Pre-Intermediate level


Abc Listening Audio 1.16 - 1.18

Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in using adjectives of feeling. To help students practice listening for gist and listening for specific information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students the opportunity to practice using the past tense orally.


Warmer (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the theme and get students thinking about school and speaking English

Write the word "School" on the board. Ask students to volunteer words or sentences that they associate with the word school; write them on the board in mind map form around the word "school". Ask the following questions to facilitate a discussion about school: "Did anyone go to high school or university?" "Is anyone in university now?" "What did / do you study?" "What subjects are most useful for the real world / job?" "What subjects are not useful for the real world / job?"

Pre-Teaching for Exercise 1-3 (2-5 minutes) • to pre-teach vocabulary to be used in exercises 1-3

Vocabulary: "Bored" - not interested or challenged by it. "Fond" - you like it and have a loving feeling towards it. "Keen" - very interested and excited about it. "Terrible?" - Really bad. "Technology" - Computers, machines, electronics, etc. Positive / Negative - Ask students to explain positive vs. negative. Elicit (give) examples of some positive and negative events / situations.

Vocabulary & Speaking 1 (6-10 minutes) • Get students to identify circumstances as positive or negative, get students to write sentences and speak them to a partner

Chest HO to show exercise 1, then distribute HO. Instruct students to answer questions 1-8 on their own, based on the previous discussion of positive and negative. Use "+" and "-" for answers. ICQ - are we talking or writing? ICQ - are we working together or alone? (Ss Indiv). (4-6 minutes) Call on students to read the statements out loud and to tell the class if they are positive or negative. (2-4 minutes)

Pre-Teaching for Vocabulary and Speaking Exercise 2 (2-3 minutes) • Get students to understand the use of negative forms of adjectives in present simple tense

Pre-teach transformation of adjectives into negative form of present simple. "How do we switch between positive and negative? We can use different words, or we can use the same word..." Use #s 1-2 as examples: "I was good ( --> bad / not good) at mathematics." "I was bored ( --> interested / not bored) with my school". (2-3 minutes)

Vocabulary & Speaking 2-3 (10-14 minutes) • Get students to write sentences, then talk about them

Chest the HO and point to the 8 blanks. Instruct students to write the 8 sentences from the last exercise so that they describe their own school experience, switching from positive to negative or vice versa if necessary. ICQ - "Who are we writing about?" ICQ - "Are we writing in the present tense or past tense?" (5-8 minutes) Instruct students to get a partner and discuss their school experiences together using the sentences they wrote. Ask students to share something about their partner. (5-6 minutes)

Listening Exercise 1 (6-10 minutes) • Get students to use gist listening to identify what the recording is about, and to listen for specific information

Play the recordings one at a time and have the students decide which topic the person is speaking about. ICQ - "Are we writing sentences? No, we are listening and choosing a, b, or c." When students offer an answer, ask them how they know. Then, have the students listen to the recording a second time to answer the additional questions. Ask students for the answers.

Sentence Matching Exercise (5-7 minutes) • Get students to make sentences from jumbled clauses

Instruct students to match the incomplete sentence in column A with the rest of the sentence in column B. Ask students to read their sentences.

Group Exercise (If there is extra time) (7-10 minutes) • Get students to write sentences using the vocabulary and concepts discussed in the lesson.

Have students get into groups and discuss their experience in this english class over the past week. Instruct them to write three sentences as a group describing their experience. Encourage them to think and write about people, activities, and themes that they remember from class. ICQ - "Are you writing anything? Yes. After you discuss it." ICQ - "Which class are we writing about? This class."

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