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In this lesson students will improve their listening and speaking skills. Each student will read a story and then listen for detailed information based on the text. They will also have discussions to improve their accurate and fluent speaking. By the end of the lesson students will improve their productive and receptive skills.


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Main Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about lottery in the context of plans

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a discussion. Students will work in pairs and in groups to share their experiences


Warmer/Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • For students to predict the task we will cover

T will ask students if they play lotter and if they won anything. T will tell her story and ask students if they know anyone who played the lotter and won a big price. T will ask students to discuss in pairs and share their experiences.

Pre-teaching Vocabulary (7-8 minutes) • Ss need to learn new words during the lesson so they can understand the task we are covering

T will introduce target vocab using pictures or elicit from students by asking questions. Students will learn scratch cards, online competitions, Bingo, winning numbers, congratulations and celebration. T will drill with whole class and write each word on the board show stress and part of speech. T will use visuals if students have difficulty with the words.

Predicting context (3-4 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and the contexts

Ss will look at the picture on powerpoint and predict what the context or the task we will cover. T ask students to write 'who can you see', 'are they happy', 'where do they work'.T will get feedback from students to see if there guess was right or wrong.

Listen for gist (3-4 minutes) • Students listen for gist

Teacher will ask students to listen to the audio to check if their prediction or guessing was correct. Teacher will get feedback from students.

Listening for specific information (3-4 minutes) • Students will fill in the gaps while listening they will be listening for details

Teacher will ask students to work individually. Teacher will ask students to listen to the audio and fill in the gaps while listening. Teacher will tell students not to worry if they cannot get it all rıght. students will peer check after listening. Teacher will monitor quitely during the listening activity.

Listening for details (6-7 minutes) • Students will complete the exercise while listening

Teacher will ask students to work individually. T will ask students to listen and tick true or false. T will ICQ 'are you going to listen and write anything', are you only going to tick while listening'. T will give out handouts and will play the audio. T will re-play again if students miss out any answers, T will monitor and decide. T will ask students to check their answers with their partner. T Elicit answers from students.

Discussion (4-5 minutes) • students to share their ideas and practice fluent speaking

T will ask students 'would you do the same things as Elaine and Aled?. Elicit some opinions from students and re-group students and ask them to discuss in pairs for few minutes. Elicit opinions from student after the discussion and ask students if they like or don't like the Elain and Aled's plans.

Interview (8-10 minutes) • Student to prepare questions and answer them in their groups

Teacher will put students into groups of three. T will ask students to prepare interview questions they can use the audio script as an example and they can use the target language. Students will then prepare answers for the interview teacher will name each students Elaine, Aled and Intervıewee. After students have prepared the questions and answers teacher will asked them to ask ecahother questions and answer them. This activity will allow students equal amount of time to speak. Teacher will monitor students for delayed feedback on pronunciations.

Survey (3-5 minutes) • For students to ask each other questions and improve their speaking skills using target language.

T will ask students to work individually and ask each other questions 'do you do the lottery every week' or 'do you play bingo'. Elicit these sentences with students and give out handouts and ask students to mingle and find who plays these games. Ss will have an opportunity to talk by using the target language. T will get FB from students.

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