Murat Murat

Teaching Plan 8
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice their speaking skills in the context of catching a cold. First, they will learn the lexis and do the fill in the blanks exercise. After that, they will do the discussion task and the matching task. Following the matching task, there is a role play exercise in which one student will play the boss, chemist and the doctor one by one, and the other student, the patient. After the role play, if there is enough time, there will be the 'design your sickness' task as a flexi stage.


Abc Realia
Abc Hand-outs photocopied from Straight Forward
Abc Papers with the 'matching sentences' on them

Main Aims

  • To practice speaking for fluency in the context of catching a cold

Subsidiary Aims

  • To learn lexis related to the context.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To generate interest on the subject and activate schemata

- Sts will be shown the realia and asked what the context is. WC, 3 min.

Pre-speaking (5-7 minutes) • To learn the new vocabulary

- T tells a story to explain the difficult words. T uses ECDW. WC, 3 min, feedback peer checking and T if necessary. - Sts do the fill in the blanks task. PW, 2 min, feedback peer checking

Speaking (8-10 minutes) • To engage sts with the TL

- Sts discuss the questions in task number 2. PW, 4 min, feedback WC - Sts do the matching exercise. T divides the board in three (doctor, chemist, calling in sick) and sts hang the papers with the 'matching sentences' under the appropriate group. WC, 4 min, feedback peer checking

Post-speaking (12-15 minutes) • To engage sts further with the TL

- Sts do the role-play exercise. First the class is divided into two groups. One group gets to be the boss, doctor and chemist one by one while the other group is the patient. After the groups decide on what they will say to the other group's members, everyone works in pairs and do the role-play. T monitors and helps sts when they can't express themselves. PW, 12 min.

Flexi Stage - Production Activity (10-14 minutes) • To have a fun activity during which sts will practice the TL

- In groups sts will design a sickness. They will be asked to use the new vocabulary. Sts will be deciding the name, symptoms and the cure of the sickness. In the end each group presents their sickness. GW, 10 min, feedback whole class

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