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In this lesson , students will be introduced to "present perfect" tense with for and since . The approach taken in this lesson is guided discovery in which students are presented with a text about a man , his life,and his apartment. It will be finished by a speaking activity.


Abc teacher's handout
Abc teacher's handout answer key
Abc complete the time expressions with for and since ,answer key
Abc irregular verbs list
Abc reading text
Abc complete the time expressions with for and since
Abc match the lines in A and B with sentences in C./ answer key
Abc Photo of John's flat in the past and present

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the present perfect with for and since in the context of living history

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of living history
  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about living history in the context of life


Lead in (3 minutes) • To set the context of living history

Teacher puts the photo of an apartment picture of both in the past and the present and asks students to use the adjectives which have been covered in the previous lesson to describe the apartments and guess about the people who live there in groups of three.

Reading prediction task (3 minutes) • To encourage Ss to predict and think about the content of the text

T shows a photo of John and his apartment which famous .T asks sts to make some guesses in pairs, such as " What is his job? Is he married ?Does he have any children ? why is his flat famous ? " in 2 minutes. T distributes the text and sets a time limit (1 minute ) for students to skim the text and check their guesses. As feedback, Teacher asks them if their predictions were true or not.

Highlight the target language (2 minutes) • To highlight the target language

T asks students to underline the verbs " live, work, be , have " individually and then decide that how many tenses there are, in pairs. FB :Teacher nominates some students to answer the question . Note: Teacher gets one student from each group to answer.

clarification of the target language (10 minutes) • to clarify the meaning , form and the pronunciation of t present perfect with for and since

T shows the hand out to the Sts and instruct them to read the marker sentences taken from the text and answer a series of question .In order to put sts in groups , T nominates each student a color such as " blue , green ,red ..." . T asks them to stand up and find their teammates with the same color. T sets time limit (4 minutes) and asks sts to do the the task in groups. Sts do the task and T monitors . T gives feedback by projecting the answers on the board .The meaning is elicited by the teacher and time line is drawn on the board.T asks them to unfold the handout and choose the correct word in order to complete the rule and the pattern with the missing words .The handout is projected on the board and they are asked to come to the board and write the answers .T drills the marked sentences and uses her hands to indicate the stressed words and intonation. Note: As feedback,Each group chooses one representative to come to the board and answers the question. ICQ: Will you work alone or in groups? groups How much time will you have ? 4 minutes CCQ:When did he start living here? Three years ago Is he still living here? yes When did he start working for London Gazetee? since 2010(for 8 years) Is he still working there? yes Did the action start in the past? yes Does the action continue up to now? yes

Language practice (8 minutes) • To provide controlled practice of the target language

T distributes a handout and asks sts to complete the time expression with for and since individually .Sts nominate each other to answer the questions and T will have the chance to do hot error correction since it might be problematic aspect of this lesson's grammar. T provides sts with the answers which are put on the wall so that sts could walk around the class and check their answers .Sts are asked to do the second part of the handout , T sets the time ( 4 minutes)so that sts could it individually . T asks the students to check their answers in pairs . FB: The feedback is provided at the back of the paper . ICQ: will you do it alone or with a partner? alone Will you match lines in A with B ? yes and then will you match the sentences with sentences in C? yes Note: T monitors and provides the students with some self-correction / peer correction and teacher 's correction.

Speaking for accuracy (12 minutes) • To give practice in oral accuracy

T asks sts to draw a table with three columns and four rows so that they can write 3 questions with how long ,what or where . Sts are asked to mingle and find two students to answer their questions apart from people in their groups . When the activity is done , sts are supposed to share the gathered information with sts in their groups . ICQ: will you write 3 questions ? yes Will you write your questions with how long , what and where? yes Will you ask the people in your group ? No Note: T demonstrates the activity by drawing a chart on the board and writing some example questions such as " How long have you known your best friend? What have you had for 2 years? Where have you lived since 3 months ago? " FB : students are provided with some delayed error correction .

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