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Main Aims

  • To give trainees an opportunity to think about factors affecting speaking and to consider important criteria when choosing a speaking activity

Subsidiary Aims

  • to demonstrate good teaching practice and to introduce speaking activities that trainees can use in their lessons.


warmer (10-10 minutes) • to warm ss to lesson and introduce topic

Mad debate: draw picture of world on the board and a dust bin and elicit. Draw laptop and smartphone and elicit. Ask ss to work in pairs and think about which is best and why? Ask two ss to come to the front - tell one ss laptop and one ss smartphone: ask ss to debate which is better and give reasons. Demo activity: ask ss to come to front and debate which in best. Put ss into small groups and repeat activity. Topics: tea vs coffee dogs vs cats internet vs tv

(15-15 minutes) • to elicit the sub-skills of speaking

After that activity - what do speakers actually do? make utterances / linear: dependent on previous utterances / conceptualise - type of speech - story - topic - purpose / articulate sounds / self-monitor and repair / chunk / fluency - pausing - timing / interaction - turn taking / discourse makers - okay - by the way / paralinguistic Can you remember any examples of these from the previous activity you did.

Speaking activities should be: productive purposeful interactivity challenge safety authentic speaking activities: controlled practice: drills / info gaps / mingling

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