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How can colors be useful
Pre-intermediate (B1) level


In this lesson, Ss learn about "How can colors be useful" by practice speaking skill. This lesson will start with a vedio followed by a quick discussion about that vedio. Students will get a small reading passage under the title of "Building my dream house" through reading they will identify new words. After reading, the teacher will emphasize and clarify these words in order to be used when they move to speaking task. After that they will move to semi-controlled practice. The teacher will present a picture for four different buildings and encourages the students to speak about these buildings through asking questions and gather their opinions. Finally they will move to free practice activity where they will speak about their dream house.


Abc Qskills for success

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a Discussion in the context of How can colors be useful

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of Buildings words in the context of How colors can be usef


Warm up (4-5 minutes) • Set the context, generate interest and encourage ss participation.

In this stage of my lesson, I'm going to present a vedio for students and after watching they have to tell me what are the main ideas for that vedio. Discuss their answers and highlight the most appropriate one which helps the teacher to move on to the rest of the lesson.

Lexis presentation (7-10 minutes) • Clarify a lexical set to be used in speaking task

In this stage I'm going to use (MFP) method. First of all, I will provide students with a reading passage and the lexical set are made in bold. They will read that passage and write each word next to their definition after that teacher will clarify these words correctly in order to insure they get the meaning. Teacher will use CCQs if it is necessary. (Meaning)• Secondly, Teacher will pronounce each word for three times at least and state which part is stressed, then students will pronounce each word in a group firstly. Finally they will pronounce it individually and during that teacher listen carefully and check their pronunciation if there were some mispronounced words to deal with it immediately. (Phonology)• Finally,Teacher will write down each word on the board and clarify which part of speech it is by using CCQs. (Form)•

Semi-controlled activity (4-6 minutes) • Prepare for freer activity and drilling the previous task

I'm going to present a picture includes four different buildings for living. By asking a set of questions students are forced to talk in the context subconsciously. Teacher will gather their point of view and highlight the special ones and encourage them to use the lexical set as much as possible.

Free practice (10-12 minutes) • Achive the main aim of the lesson which is speaking

In this stage of the lesson, students will practice speaking skill, in a couple of minutes, teacher will ask students to imagine their dream house. Imagine how it will be and provide them with some material which helps them to decide (location, floors, inside and outside colors, materials for building, building type and so on). Then they will start the discussion and teacher monitors them and check if there were some mistakes to deal with it later.

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