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Integrated skills
Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will learn about integrated skills through productive activities that contain writing and speaking. The lesson will start with some visual realia as a lead-in, and with an exercise that will introduce the Ss to what's going to be within this lesson. Then Ss will be allowed to deal with some of the blocking vocab that may block them from understanding the content of the text through an ECDW activity. Ss will do some reading and then move to the following activities.


Abc Exercise 2 page 40 (unedited)
Abc Listening CD track 2.01

Main Aims

  • To introduce Ss to integrated skills through some productive activities of writing and speaking.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide with the tools to produce what they have learned in both writing and speaking.


lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To engage the Ss and introduce them to the context using Realia

T will put on a table a number of everyday objects, snacks, school supplies and makeup tools. Ss here will be asked to stand up around the table and take a couple of minutes to recognize what is on it. Within this time, T will put green, red, yellow cards on each student's table. After the two minutes, T will ask the Ss to go back to their tables and pick up the card on it. Then the reds will go with reds, greens with greens and so on... This will form three separate groups. The table with realia materials will be already divided into three sections so here Ss will be asked to go back and put the objects that they think are from the same category in a separate section. As soon as they finish the activity, T will tell the Ss that we'll go back to it later.

Exercise 2, page 40 (7-8 minutes) • To guess what the trivia is about. (gist)

On this exercise, the key word "chocolate" was removed from all the sentences to get the Ss to guess what the sentences are actually about. Ss will be handed HOs and will be asked to work individually. T will set a time of 5 minutes and then will ask Ss to discuss in pairs.

Teaching blocking vocab (8-9 minutes) • To help Ss understand the text without being blocked with difficult terms.

T will divide the Ss into two groups and name them "Dark chocolate" and "white chocolate". each two students in the "Dark chocolate group" will be given one word and each two students from the "White chocolate group" will be given the definition of these words. Ss will be asked to go find their partners who are basically the ones who have the definitions to the words. After that, Ss will be asked to sit next to the ones who have the right definitions. T will ask some of them to read the word and its def and then do some correct the PRON if necessary and do some drilling.

Exercise 2, page 40 (True or False) + listening (10-13 minutes) • Read and listen to find the correct answers

T will hand the Ss HOs of exercise 2 on page 40 and make them work individually. Ss here will have to read the statements very quickly and decide whether they think they "true" or "false". Ss will have 4 minutes to finish the task and then 2 minutes to discuss their answers with their partners. After that, T will play a recording (number 2.01) and ask the Ss to check their answers and correct. Ss will be asked to share one fact they think is most interesting for them.

Exercise 1 (6-8 minutes) • To help Ss practice their speaking through the same context

Ss will be given HO and asked to work individually. T will ask the Ss to fill in with their personal info in the "me" column and then guess for their partner and fill in the "My friend" column. T then will ask the Ss to talk to their partners and see their guesses were right or not. Finally, T will ask the Ss to guess about her.

Free practice (4-5 minutes) • Get the Ss to practice what they have learned through a freer practice activity

T will write on the board: "Are you a/an __________ addict" and ask Ss to use this template to write their very own questions on a piece of paper. Ss will be given 1 minute to do so and then will be asked to stand up and go around and ask each other and take roles.

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