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Pre İntermaediate A2 level


In this lesson students will learn about the Present Perfect with Since and For. İt will be contrasted with the Past Simple so they will understand the difference.


Abc Straightforward Pre-intermediate Students and Teachers Book

Main Aims

  • Grammar using Present Perfect Simple with for and since

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening Speaking Writing


Lead In • To introduce students to the new grammar

To arose sts interest in the lesson. 1. Ask students to look in their bags and pockets to find 3 things they own. Write on WB I have had this since + time \ date I have had this for ........ years \ months \ ago. 2. Ask the sts to work in groups of 3. Ask them to show their posessions to each other and say something about them. I will point to the sentences on the board but i will not go into explaining the grammar.

Focus on meaning (5-10 minutes) • Grammar Present Perfect with for and since

Can anyone remember the Past Simple? Can anyone remember the Present Perfect Simple? When do we use it? Yes we use it to show a connection between Present time and Past time. We use it for states that happened in the past and continue in the present. The state is unfinished. Eg. I’ve been to to several cities in Turkey since I arrived in Turkey 1 year ago. When was it? Past Present or Future? Am i still in Turkey? Am i travelling now? İ could be. Has the action been completed? Is it finished? No therefore its a state that began in the past and continues For example Present Perfect Simple She’s had a dog for many years ( and still has it) Past Simple She had a dog for many years (but she doesn’t have it now) Can you tell me the difference between the 2 sentences above.

Controlled Practice (5-10 minutes) • Students to practice using present perfect

Section 2 Exercise 1 pg 97. Here is a text with blanks. What are you going to do? What verbs do you think you are going to put in? Yes but be aware that you may need to put in more than one word in some gaps. Lets do the 1st 1 together. Oscar Werbeniuk, who is 61, whats the tense present perfect or past simple. Remember the writer is writing now not in the past. If events started in the past and continue up to now then we need the Present Perfect. If the events are entirely in the past we cannot use the Present Perfect. A FROM THE PAST UP TO NOW = PRESENT PERFECT B A MOMENT IN THE PAST = PAST SIMPLE C A PERIOD IN THE PAST THAT DOESNT COME UP TO NOW = PAST SIMPLE Ok so Oscar has he lived in the house from the past up to now? Yes Was it just a moment in the past? No Was it a period in the past that doesnt come up to now? No Therefore what is the answer A he has lived... Oscar has lived all his life in the same New Jersey house or does he still live here? Yes İs the action finished? No Oscar lived all his life in the same house. İs the action finished if i use this grammar. Yes the Present Perfect Simple or the Past Simple.

Listening (4-6 minutes) • Listening to understand

Exercise 2 pg 97 2,29 listening. Ok now that you have completed filling in the blanks you will listen to a recording to check your answers. Double check the answers the answer key is on the WB. Ask students to come up and check.

Comprehending For and Since (3-5 minutes) • Understanding when to use For and since

Exercise 3 pg 97. This is a HO with 12 phrases for you to complete with either FOR or SİNCE. Remember FOR indicates a period of time with a beginning and end and lasts up to now ie for 6 months, for 6 years, for 6 minutes. SİNCE indicates something that started but the action is still continuing now and may or may not continue into the future. OK how did you get on? What did you get for no. 1, no. 2. Ok now turn over your page with the answers... No cheating everybody... With the answers you have just put down lets play a game with them, ıts called pick on the student. You will get into groups and whoever reaches up to 5 first wins. I’ll call out a random time and i want you to tell me if it should be for or since. For example ...a few weeks you would answer.. For a few weeks... Lets go...

Writing questions for Speaking (5-8 minutes) • Writing questions for speaking

Exercise 4 pg 97. Everybody İ want you to find different ways to complete the following 3 questions. 1. How long have you been....? a student ; a fan of Enrıque İglesius 2. How long have you had...? that idea ; your hair like that ; my pen in your bag 3. How long have you known....? Ahmet ; about your new teachers coming

Speaking (5-10 minutes) • Speaking Answer and Reply

Excercise 5 pg 97 I want you to Work in Pairs. Rugby n Footie instead of A and B. Now Rugby ask Footie your questions and Footie you answer them. Rugby has Footie answered all your questions? Perfect. Now Footie you ask the same questions and Rugby you reply.

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