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TP8 - Reading in the context of sports and competition
A2 level


In this lesson, students will read a modified authentic news article about the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo. They will learn vocab related to sports and competition as a subaim.


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Main Aims

  • reading in the context of sports and competition

Subsidiary Aims

  • vocab


Lead in (2-3 minutes) • To introduce students to the context of the lesson

Project pictures of galatasaray, fenerbahce, and besiktas. ask students what these are. Elicit "soccer teams' or "football teams" Try and elicit "competition" if possible. Ask students to talk in pairs about which team they like. They have 1 minute. FB: When they're done talking, ask hands up for besiktas etc. Take a tally

Prediction task (2-3 minutes) • To activate schemata on the context

Project the pictures of real madrid and barcelona. Ask students if they know what these are. The guys will know. Write down Barcelona and Madrid. Try to elicit "competition" again. Ask "what is there between real madrid and barcelona?" See also to elicit Messi and Ronaldo. Again, probably the guys will know. Say "do you know who this is? and point to Messi Ask -- so what do you think we might be reading about today? Write answers on the board. Cool, so yeah, today we are going to read about football and specifically about the competition between Ronaldo and Messi.

Pre-teach vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • To clarify the meaning of blocking vocabulary for the reading

move the students into groups of 4 (if Ender hasn't already). Sort in terms of "Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Basketball" Project HO1 on the board and also hold it. It is folded in half. Tell students they are going to match the words. They can work alone or in partners. They have 3 minutes. ICQ: How much time? 3 minutes. PAIR CHECK FB: WCFB elicit from each group. Go over the meaning of the words they don't know. Ask what the first group of words are (Adjective) Ask about the other group (nouns) CCQs: Competition: So does someone win? Does someone lose? YES YES Go over pronunciation. Write the shwa for "talented" Emphasize handsUm expENSive Project the other side of the worksheet on the board. Instruct students to turn over their papers. Instruct students that there are 2 sentences (point) and there are questions about these sentences. Answer the questions with a partner or alone, however you like. ICQ: so How many sentences are we looking at? 2 And how many questions does each sentence have? 1. FB: WCFB (or ask students to write on the board if some finish early)

Reading for gist (3-5 minutes) • To practice quick reading for general understanding in the context of sports and competition

Hold up the reading paper. Tell students they are going to get a reading about Ronaldo and Messi. Distribute. Next, hold up HO1 -- instruct students that they are going to read it the first time and answer these 2 questions. and they will only have 3 minutes. ICQ: How many questions are we answering? 2 How many minutes? 3 Are we reading quickly or slowly? QUICKLY PAIR CHECK FB: WCFB --- but quickly quickly

Scanning for specific info (3-5 minutes) • To practice scanning sub-skill

Tell students to turn over their paper. Tell them to read again and answer the next 3 questions. Again, just 3 minutes. ICQ: So are we reading quickly or slowly? QUICKLY Cool. FB: Pair check. then project answer key. Ask if anyone got anything else.

Reading for detailed comprehension (8-10 minutes) • To practice detailed comprehension subskill

Hold up HO3, which is folded in half. Tell students they will answer some more questions about the reading. These ones are True or False. But I want you to give me a reason from the reading about why they are true or false. You have 4 minutes. FB: Early finishers write on the board. and WCFB Instruct students to turn over the handout. Tell them to discuss these questions in their groups. They have 4 minutes. FB: One person from each group writes on the board.

Speaking task (5-10 minutes) • To practice speaking and using target vocabulary in the context of sports and competition

Tell the students good job, reading over. Ask who would vote for Messi? Who would vote for Ronaldo? Take a poll. Project pictures of different rivalries on the board (but use the word competition because rivalry is hard). Ask students what these are? Elicit "other competitions." Elicit words about the different pairs as a class. What are some other competitions you can think of? Write some from the class too. DEMO: Choose a competition and choose a side. explain your reasons for choosing that side. Tell students to think in their heads about one of these competitions and what side they would take. 1 minute. Think to yourself. Does everyone have one? And some reasons? Great. Now, I want you to talk to your a partner about which competition you chose and which side you chose. I want you to talk about why you like that person more. 3 minutes. So what are we talking about? for how long? ERROR CORRECT And if time allows, partner switch.

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