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Jackson Pollock
A1 level


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Main Aims

  • To give students practice in listening for gist and detail

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce and practice irregular verbs of past simple


Lead in (5-7 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic of the lesson.

T will introduce himself to Ss by writing his name on WB and ask them to write their names on white paper and put in front of their desks. T will review the job titles by showing a picture of group of people who have different job. I will try to elicit "painter".

Pre-teach vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • To unblock key lexis needed to help students understand the text

T shows different pictures to unblock the hard vocabulary that Ss might not know. these pictures are "charity, famous, painting, painter, fingerprint". T divided Ss into tow groups and ask them to match the pictures with the exact vocabulary.

Listening for gist (5-7 minutes) • To encourage students to listen and get the general idea of the text

T shows six pictures from the book about 60-year-old woman who bought painting for cheap price but she found out it was Jackson Pollock's in different order. T asks student to listen and put the pictures in order. In this task, I am going to elicit some lexis from Ss as well as to get the general idea about the text by using visuals. ICQs are mentioned as: How many minutes do you have? Are you going to work alone or with partner? After they finish, Ss will move to the other group and check their answers.

Grammar clarification and do an exercise (5-7 minutes) • To clarify the simple past irregular verbs

T shows pictures of some activities and tries to elicit the the verb from Ss. After that, T gives Ss some HOs of the past form of the irregular verbs then T shows the main verbs of present form on WB and asks Ss to match them in pairs. some possible ICQs: How many minutes will you have? how many verbs are you going to match? are you going to match alone or with partner?

Post-listening Task (5-7 minutes) • To make sure that

T plays the audio again and puts 5 pictures of the story on the WB. T divided Ss into two groups and gives them six different sentences. Each group has the same six sentences with different color. Ss has to match the sentences with the pictures then put them in order. After that T asks Ss to check their answers with the other group.

Speaking activity (5-10 minutes)

T writes on the WB some verb in the past form and asks Ss to talk about their experience. Ss talk in pains.

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