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Speaking\Listening Lesson TP 2b - Haya Alzaghal
Global Upper intermediate B2 level


This is a functional lesson with the main aim of developing Ss' speaking by raising their awareness of how to express doubts by following a model.


Abc The audio script
Abc Picture for speaking
Abc Eliciting and giving meaning handout
Abc Pictures for the Warm up , Lead in part
Abc CCQs for the listening part
Abc Gapfill handout

Main Aims

  • To give Ss practice in speaking for fluency and expressing doubts

Subsidiary Aims

  • to raise Ss' awareness of and givepractice in funtional words and phrases for expressing doubts - I don't really think, I find it hard to believe, etc. To give Ss practiceis listening for specific information and detail.


Warm up ( Lead-in stage) (3-5 minutes) • To intrest the students and get them ready for setting the context

1.Put two words on the board ( Youth ) and ( Immortality ), ask { what would you do if someone told you he found a fountain that gives you Youth and Immortality?}___{why do human beings want these two?} 2. Give them pictures to discuss questions and facts.

Listening audio 1a ( for gist ) (2-4 minutes) • to give the Ss an idea about what the listening

Listen to the people speaking in the audio and try to figure out what their opinion about the two places is

Listening audio 1b ( spesicific information ) (6-8 minutes) • To listen to the arguments given the converstations

The students listen to the conversation to see which arguments were mentioned in the audio. Correct answers: Conversation 1: 2,3 \ Conversation 2: 5,6

Exposure and Clarification (5-8 minutes) • To aid the students and guide them to figure out the meaning of expressing doubt

The Ss will be handed a handout that has examples from the previous listening about words that express doubt. as well as some CCQs followed to make sure they get the meaning. Then given the chance to write their own examples. These will be printed on five different colored paper to help group them faster.

Listening audio 2 ( Language focus ) (8-10 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through Listening

The Ss will listen to be able to fill in the blanks for the handout given to make sure they understood the meaning. they will compare answers with a partner then answer together on the board.

Speaking ( Language Focus Use ) (8-10 minutes) • To give the students a chance to practice the words of expressing doubt through acertain context

The picture will aid them into speaking about the place using words of expressing doubt

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