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Work and study.
A2 level


In this lesson Ss will learn some more vocabulary related to jobs and work. At the end of the lesson Ss will be given a chance to speak about this topic and produce some sentences with the new vocabulary.


Abc Pictures - Unit 6, Work & Study, p. 66 (Global,elementary coursebook, Macmillan)
Abc Unit 6, Work & Study, p. 66,ex. 4 (Global,elementary coursebook, Macmillan)
Abc HO-prepared by teacher
Abc WB, projector

Main Aims

  • To teach the vocabulary in context of work and study.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide the Ss with the chance to speak and produce the target language.


Stage 1 (Warm up/Lead in) (2-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students.

-I will ask few questions: Who I am? I am Anna, What do I do? I am a teacher. If I am a teacher so this is my job. If it is my job so it means that I "work" -I want elicit from Ss word "work" to set the lesson context. -to elicit "study" I will ask one of the student, Are you a student? If you are student it means that you are "study". -As a topic of our lesson I will write Work and study.

Stage 2 (Pre-teaching) (3-12 minutes) • teaching of the language that Ss need before an activity.

-ı will show them some pictures from the coursebook Unit 6. I will ask them can they quess what job is it. -Under the pictures are words with missing one first letter. I will ask students to quess what letter is missing and what job is it. They will work in pairs for this activity. -As a FB I will nominate few students to write missing letters on the whiteboard. Together with the class we can compare the answers. -Vocabulary used in this activity present job positions like: architect, doctor,engineer, lawyer, office worker, scientist, sport coach, teacher. -I will elicit the stress and drill pronunciation, with some examples like, I am a lawyer or You are a teacher. -I will teach extra words not used under the pictures but used it the Unit 6 like: electrician, secretary, -Before we will pass to next activity I will explain Language note about following expressions: work in + place work for + name/a type of company work with + people/things you use in your job. -I will give examples to each expression like: I work in a school. I work for Melek/Garanti Bank. I work with three people/students/whiteboards.

Stage 3 (Controlled Practice) (5-15 minutes) • Ss will practice new vocabulary in limited form.

- I will give Ss prepared HO with the activity and I will explain that they will try to put expressions from the box to the correct groups in circles. I will use some ICQs for this activity to check if they understand my instructions correctly. -Also I will show one example. -They will work in pairs. -FB- I will nominate some students to say their answers and then I can write it on the whiteboard. -I will do grouping by giving them small HO as matching expressions activity to find a partner for next activity. -Ss need to match expressions like for example "I work for" with "a big company" or " a bank". "He works in" needs to match with "students" or "ten children". -Ss in pairs will use the expressions from last activity to guess the jobs in the pictures from the Lead-in stage. They can do it if they will describe that person for example: She works for a medical company. She works in a laboratory. A scientist. -I will give them few minutes for activity and then each pair will answer.

Stage 4(Free Practice) (4-12 minutes) • To give Ss the opportunity to produce some sentences with the new vocabulary.

-Ss will work in pairs. I will ask them to use the above expressions with "work to talk about their current job or last job. -I will try to give them simple questions which can help them to communicate with partner: What is your job? What do you do? Where are you working? You are working alone or with people? -Randomly ask Ss about their partners job. -After that I can ask about their parents job. If the time allows.

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