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Elementary level


In this lesson, students will practice gist reading by reading a story in pieces and checking against their predictions beforehand, then they will write their own ending to the story and compare.


Abc Picture 0, Picture 1
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Main Aims

  • In this lesson, students will practice gist reading through predicting the next event and checking their predictions in the context of fortune telling.

Subsidiary Aims

  • In this lesson, students will practice their writing skills by writing an ending to the story.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • Interest SS in the context.

Show SS Picture 0. Elicit: Who is this? What does a fortune teller do? What does she use? What else can she use? Do you believe that they see the future? Do you think it's a trick/lies? PAIR/group WORK Have you ever seen a fortune teller? Why? Do you want to? Why? WGFB Who has seen one? (Survey) Was what they said true?

Reading for gist (5-6 minutes) • SS will read each paragraph for gist and check against their interpretation of a picture.

SS are shown Picture 1. "This is Jane. We are going to read a story about her." T elicits Jane's Madame Yolanda. Picture 1: In the story, where is Jane going to go? Is she going to find who she wants?" PAIR WORK- discussion. 1 min. Elicit ideas. Read the beginning of the story to check if your guess is true. Read, discuss: 3 min. WGFB

Reading for gist 2 (18-20 minutes) • SS read for gist to check against their guessed answers to questions.

SS are given the other parts of the story one by one. In each one, they first read the question on the back and try to guess the answer with their partner. 2 MIN Then they gist read 1 MIN Discuss with their partner what the real answer is and if it was correct. 1-2 MIN WGFB methods:

Productive skills: writing (13-15 minutes) • students respond to the short story by writing an ending to it.

SS think and write down their ending in 5-6 min. (SS will be told that they will share their endings with everyone at the end of the class.) SS compare with their partner in 3 minutes. PAIR WORK: SS read their writing again and if there are mistakes in: 1. spelling 2. punctuation 3. verb tenses they correct each other. T monitors. Everyone hangs their writing around the room. SS walk around in gallery style and choose their favorite. WGFB: Everyone go to their favorite in 3...2...1! (Talk about why if you have time)

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