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Film Reviews
B2 level


In this lesson, ss will write a film review. The teacher will guide the ss in writing the review through a semi-product approach but with a peer review and second draft at the end. Ss will also activate their reading skills in a reading for gist task, as well as learn to write descriptively with adverbs + past participles.


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Main Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a film review in the context of films.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about film review in the context of Slumdog Millionaire.
  • To provide clarification and practice of writing descriptively using adverb + past participle combinations in the context of film reviews.


Stage 1 (Lead In) (2-3 minutes) • To introduce the context of the lesson to the ss and activate schemata.

-Project the photos in the powerpoint onto the whiteboard. Ask students if they know what the photos are from. -Example questions: Did you see this movie? Did you like this movie? What other movies do you like? What is your favorite/least favorite movie? -After ss speak for a minute, ask, "What do we call it when someone writes if a movie is good or bad?" (Review). If word cannot be elicited, give them the word.

Stage 2 (Pre-teach vocabulary) (5-7 minutes) • To pre-teach vocabulary that students will later need to use for their adverb-participle combinations while writing.

-Explain to students that they will match definitions to the words. -Hand out handout. -Students complete tasks and peer check. Teacher monitors to see difficult answers. -Teacher projects answers on board, ss check their answers. -Teacher concept checks and drills the words, and then elicits the stress for the words.

Stage 3 (Pre-reading tasks) (2-3 minutes) • To have ss highlight the features of a film review through discussion.

-Have ss unfold the handout and discuss and answer the questions in pairs. -Provide direct feedback quickly, elicit "why" ss chose certain answers to check for understanding.

Stage 4 (Reading for gist task) (3-4 minutes) • To have ss highlight the format of a film review through a reading for gist task.

-Show ss the handout and tell them they will write the topics next to their corresponding numbers on the sides of the text. -Hand out handout, have ss do task. Monitor. -Peer check. -Go over answers quickly.

Stage 5 (Mostly-controlled grammar task) (5-7 minutes) • To have ss recognize and practice using adverb-participle combinations in a mostly-controlled task.

-Have ss look at paragraph 3 in the text. Note the phrases, "skilfully directed" and "poignantly acted." -Check the meaning, then elicit form from students. -Explain the next task to students, that they will match adverbs with participles. Tell students to unfold handouts and complete. -Monitor. -Peer check. -Project answers on board.

Stage 6 (Idea organizing) (3-4 minutes) • To have ss brainstorm ideas for their review and organize them before writing.

-Hand out scratch paper to students. Tell them to choose a film and come up with some ideas for the four different topics in a film review. -Explain they ought not to write the review, just ideas. -Monitor and provide prompts or ideas to ss stuck.

Stage 7 (Writing first draft) (5-8 minutes) • To have ss write the first draft of their film review.

-Tell ss they will now write their review. -Hand out paper for their reviews. -Monitor and help any ss who seem stuck or have questions.

Stage 8 (Peer Review) (2-3 minutes) • To have ss improve each other's writing and develop their awareness of the fact that they are producing something to be read by someone else.

-Have ss swap papers (if an uneven number, then have them pass them one person down), and read each others' review. Tell them to make 2-3 suggestions for changes. -Monitor.

Stage 9 (Writing second/final draft) (3-4 minutes) • To have ss write the second/final draft of their film review based on suggestions from peers.

-Have ss rewrite their reviews. -Monitor.

Stage 10 (Wrap-Up) (1-2 minutes) • To provide any delayed feedback from points picked up during monitoring and have ss share what their partners wrote about.

-Ask ss to share anything they read they found interesting. "Would you see the movie?" -Go over any points from monitoring. -End class.

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