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Teaching Practice 3
Elementary level


This lesson continues with the same context as the previous lesson. It moves to reading, where Ss will us some of the vocabulary from the previous lesson, further using this for speaking practice.


Abc Headlines from text
Abc Role Play prompts
Abc Reading & Exercises

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about crying in the context of Men's use of expressing emotions in society

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a Debate and role play in the context of Men being able to cry in society


Lead-in (2-6 minutes) • Getting the Ss interested in the topic

Re-introduce myself to the Ss. Go over some of their names. I will play a short youtube clip about a man crying and a funny sound. Second Play. Ask students: "Why is this funny?" Open class feedback, very quick.

Pre-Reading (6-12 minutes) • Providing a context for the reading and lexical set

Hand out the cut up headlines from the reading for gist activity. 4 Headlines: "Men Never Cry." "Crying it's a man thing." "Crying good for your health." "Men and Sports." Ss can work use these headlines as prompts to answer the question. Why is this funny? This will provide guided discovery which is preparation for the reading and subsequent exercises. Ss can speak in pairs or threes for two minutes then hand the headlines along to another group or pair. FB: I will draw a spider diagram on the board to brainstorm ideas. The title will be - Why is men crying funny? Any lexis from the headlines or ideas can be addressed at this point. But very much Student centred feedback.

Reading For Gist (12-17 minutes) • Reading for gist

Exercise 2 from handout. Ss have to choose the best title to match the content of the article. Having already being familiar with the headlines from the previous task should help them to achieve this and also having discussed the topic, should make it much easier. Pair Check. Feedback.

Reading for Detail (17-35 minutes) • Reading for Detail

Exercise Three from handout. Due to the low level of the Ss, I will have them read out loud to each other in groups of two or three. This will provide peer correction and student centred learning. Making my TTT much less. I will be monitoring and available for correcting errors. Ss have to answer true or false questions from the article after reading, they can do this individually. Pair check. Whole class feedback.

Breaking Bad News Role Play (35-45 minutes) • Post-Reading: Semi-Controlled Speaking Practice

Announce we will now do a role play. A couple, man and woman. When couples have relationship problems what happens? They split up, finish, break up. Tell the students they will now do this. For fun! ICQs - What will you be doing? Role play Is this real life or for fun? Fun. Do the couple finish? Yes. Make it funny? Yes! Then..... ask the male students to stand up. They go to one side of the room, females stay seated. So the two groups split up, and different instructions to each. Female Ss - They will spread out their chairs, and will be handed a statement to announce to the man. The role play is a couple, and the woman is breaking bad news to the man. Male Ss - have to join a woman who reads out the statement to them, and then react with a badly acted cry, in a humorous way! So this bookends the opening clip of the funny cry at the lead in. The humorous statements and set-ups are as follows: 1) I’m sorry baby, I just want to be friends! 2) I’m sorry sugar, It’s not you; it’s me! 3) I’m sorry my angel, the baby isn’t yours! 4) I’m sorry honey, I’m in love with your brother! 5) I’m sorry darling, I was born a man! The relationship role playing couple can speak for two minutes before I announce "change" ....... and the women stay seated and then break up with another man! The man will rotate every two minutes, breaking up with different women! I hope this will be good fun and a light-hearted end to the class. Feed Back at end can address, any questions or lexis points they wish to raise.

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