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Intermediate level


In this lesson students will read two online reviews of a travel book.They will read for gist,specific and detailed information.They will follow this up with a short discussion of their own opinions on book reviews.


Abc Reading text

Main Aims

  • To give practice in reading for gist,specific information and detail in the context of a book review.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review modifying adverbs and strong adjectives.To give practice in speaking for fluency.


Warmer (2-4 minutes) • To get students engaged

T asks Ss how they make decisions about where to go on holiday?which books to read?which TV shows to watch? T talks about travelling and asks Ss to talk about where do they get information about places they want to visit? .

Pre-Reading (1-2 minutes) • Preparing the Ss for the text

T shows the Ss a photo of the (The Book of The WORLD) . And ask Ss to predict the information in the book.

Reading for main idea (Gist) (4-5 minutes) • To improve Ss reading to get the overall idea

Ss read for gist to find out if their predictions were right .Then they peer check and T takes FB

Detailed Reading (10-12 minutes) • To give Ss a reason to read in detail and to answer the HO

T discusses the star rating of the book reviews with the Ss making sure they under stand star rating and will ask them to read again to find out which book got a higher rating and why.Then give them the T/F HO . Ss then check their answers in groups.T monitors and gives FB.

Reading to find modifying adverbs and strong adjectives (9-12 minutes) • To model the collocations so Ss can practice saying them with the correct word stress and intonation

T gives Ss an activity from the course book (finding the adjectives that go with the adverbs).T asks Ss to read the text again and answer the activity then drills some of the vocabulary.T explains meaning of (stunning & amazing )which are extreme adjectives.

Post reading activity (8-10 minutes) • To give practice in speaking

T gives Ss HO that has some general questions about book reviews. T asks them to discuss in groups .T monitors while they are speaking and gives FB

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