Ahmed Abdalla Ahmed Abdalla

TP 1- Ahmed AbdAlla
A1 Elementary level


Abc Gap-fill handout
Abc Face to Face Student's book -U2B-PP16, EX2
Abc Face 2 Face Student's book -U2B-PP16, EX1

Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in family vocabulary .

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading, speaking and listening.


Warmer Hangman game (2-3 minutes) • To elicit the topic

Ss -WB. Ss will guess the name of the lesson topic .

Lead in (3-4 minutes) • To introduce the family words to the Ss

T uses the pictures to introduce the family vocab, so T uses these vocabs to build the family tree . T asks Ss to drill the words.

Introduction to vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • To check Ss knowledge of family vocab.

T introduces the family on p16 . Ss read and fill in the gaps . Then Ss PW to check answers, then listen to the CD to check their answers.

Introduction and clarification of Vocab. (20-25 minutes) • To introduce and clarify any new

T gets Ss to do ex2 - grouping the family vocab according to gender Ss PW to check their answers. T uses answer key to check. T gives Ss his blank family tree . T gets Ss to ask him questions "Whos is Mohamed". T answers simple answers ' He's my brother'. T makes sure that different Ss asks him. Ss PW to check answers . T checks using the answers key . If time : T get Ss to ask questions a bout his family tree , Ss PW to ask questions about the T's family tree members for ex. " Who's Ali " "He's Mohammed's brother "

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