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Wh- questions
Elementary level


In this lesson,the students will learn wh- questions. They will practice it through speaking,an exercise and a board game.


Abc worksheets
Abc game board

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of with wh questions in the context of of holiday and daily routines

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice the form and pronounciation


LEAD IN (5-8 minutes) • To introduce two characters to talk about their holiday routines

T talks about dinner parties that Sean talked about,tells the sts not everyone can have that because they are very expensive and introduces two characters on the board;Ali ad Ayşe. A poor couple who is teachers. T asks the sts “ Can Ali and Ayşe go to parties like that? Why?” After eliciting the word“poor”,T says “OK,they are poor but have enough money to go on a holiday,they go to Adapazarı every summer”. T writes 5 answers about the couple’s holiday on the board and elicits the questions from the sets and drills it/helps them with pronunciation. At the end, by pointing at the questions,T asks CCQs “ why are we using simple present tense? Is it for past? Future? or for routines? After eliciting “routine”, T asks “ What kind of routine is that? Daily? Work? or….? After eliciting “holiday routine”,the sts are given a free practice.

SPEAKING (8-12 minutes) • Sts practice –wh questions

The task is a questionnaire about holiday routines similar to the questions on the board and they practice with a student they pick. T monitors,helps if needed. After the activity is over,T goes over the question formula on the board.

POST SPEAKING (10-15 minutes) • Sts do a restricted practice

Following that,the sts will be given a restricted task; a worksheet with mingled questions all about daily routines. T monitors,helps if needed. When done,the sts check the answers with their groups. Then T picks a student and get him/her ask the first question from the exercise to another student. This activity goes on until the last question in the worksheet. If the activities or exercises finish earlier than expected,T will give them another restricted practice;making questions)

GAME (8-10 minutes) • The sts play a board game and make questions

After they finish their task,T divides the class into two or more groups depending the number of the sts. Hands them small boards. Model the activity. (T writes by bus on the board and asks if it's a question or an answer? After that,T elicits the question from the sts.)Then T says an “answer” and asks them to write the question on their boards. They have 1 minute to write their answers down. They lift their board at the same time.

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